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bear by san

March 2017



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waiting for the sign, we will give our lives. we will give our lives.

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I always kind of identified with Blackberry (geek rabbit!) but Thlayli is probably my second runner-up for Favorite Bunny. Once he grows up and stops being a bully, anyway. And the whole sequence where he's in Efrafra hits so very many of my narrative kinks.

Brave rabbit!


Re: Underground, the story continued.

And Capt Silver coming up the trench and the way he acts afterwards. Little redemptions always get me.

It also has one of the best lines ever in book/film.

"Can you run? I think not..."

Re: Underground, the story continued.

It's just packed full with 'great'. The Black Rabbit talking to Hazel at the end. I have a running argument with my other half about whether it's sad or not. (It's not!)

Re: Underground, the story continued.

I thought the Black Rabbit and El-Ahrairah were the same all the way through. Sort of like a composite mythology.

I don't think I could back it up from the book but it was how it felt.

Re: Underground, the story continued.

I part of the problem is that the film version very neatly portrays the Black Rabbit and El-ahrairah as one and the same; in the book (as far as I can recall), this is never actually confirmed.

I guess in some ways it can be akin to the "all Goddesses are one Goddess and all Gods are one God" theory in some branches of Paganism. That's never sat well with me, because I can't see how someone like, say, Kali-Ma could be the same as, say, Eostre. :p

I think it's one of those aspects of Watership Down which should be read according to the reader's viewpoint; everyone finds something different in the novel, some other way of viewing it. Which is, in my opinion, one of the strengths of an excellent novel -- and why folks keep talking about it, theorising about it, as we are doing, for years to come.

Re: Underground, the story continued.

I always thought it was El-ahrairah at the end, too...