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bear by san

March 2017



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WGA strike update: There are offers on the table. Whether anybody likes either of them remains to be seen.

Also, David Letterman gets points for being one of the good guys.

As does the Office's Steve Carrel, who I am informed via the internets "informed NBC he is unable to report to work because he is
suffering from 'enlarged balls.'"

And now to the batcave gym, Robin!


Did you read the article? It says more or less the same thing.
From the article I linked:

The Writers Guild of America countered with a lengthy response, saying the producers' proposal only dealt with advertising-supported programs streamed for free and jurisdiction over shows created for the Web "and it amounts to a massive rollback."

trying not to go mad with the power

I, uh, finished writing my NaNoWriMo novel *very* early this morning. I'd passed the 50,000-word mark *very* early Wednesday morning, but I wasn't done yet, so...

Anyway, I found out that the people behind NaNoWriMo also have organized something called Script Frenzy(taking place in April), wherein participants are to write a script (be it play or screenplay) of at least 100 pages in thirty days...

I hope the WGA strike is over by then if I'm to, say, turn my NaNoWriMo novel into a script... wouldn't want to get blacklisted as a scab writer... :)

Re: trying not to go mad with the power

My brother is a WGA member. Luckily, his entire livelihood doesn't depend on writing for film and TV, but many members of the union live very precarious lives financially, and staying out on strike is very tough on them.

If you care, you can read some of his observations on the strike at http://www.xtcian.com. But I will quote one thing from today's entry in his blog:

"The WGA - as an entire body of thousands of writers - is asking for less than the sum total of the yearly bonuses and severance packages of the major studios' CEOs. That's right. Individual people, added together, are making more being fired than the entire WGA membership is asking for in residuals."
And that's why I support the strikers.
According to Google news this morning the "offer" has been rejected.

I have mostly turned the TV off, except for Keith Olberman. My TBR pile is shrinking.
Good for the WFA.

Yeah. I will watch the last filmed episodes of Criminal Minds (one or two more) and other than that, I'm not buying any DVDs or watching any American television. (Unscripted programming on the Discovery Channel, I think I will allow myself as morally defensible.)

Although when the strike is over, I am strongly considering watching The Office, now. *g*
I don't think buying DVDs is so bad, actually: at least the writers see some money from those. (He said, trying desperately to come up with a justification for finishing off his _Due South_ collection after Xmas.)
I thought you would be entertained to find out who really holds the power in this situation.