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bear by san

March 2017



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I think I'm fucked.

I bought my second Begonia today.


That is kind of what I'm like with coleus. I started with a couple cuttings, fairly unobtrusive, then grew them through a summer where they got HUGE and lovely, and then I realized that hey, there are other coleuses all over the university's landscaping, and they're just going to dig it up in the fall....

This is why I have five types of coleus, three of them stolen.
I got started on coleus with cuttings from a U plant showing - they had an open house for one of their gardens at the St Paul campus. We went, and I asked them about the coleus. When I asked if I could have a couple of cuttings, after looking at me oddly, we talked about how to get them to get rooted (dab cut stem in talcum baby powder, keep it dipped in a cup of water until roots securely begin, then plant in potting soil).

So I walked home with a bunch of cuttings, and most years I buy new, and their newly-developed varieties, from the Ag/Hort students' spring plant sale.

Fun, lovely (well, often too pink, but I avoid those), easy to grow - and they take the weather something wonderful!

The cuttings make it really easy to start a new variety or add more plants to what you have, too.

And the cutting technique should work for begonias, too. ;D
I am extremely minimalist with my cuttings. Cut plant, stick in water, wait until roots grow. No rooting hormone, no talcum powder, just a pair of scissors (or a knife, if I'm heading to the university) and a coffee mug. This is also how I thin them for winter-- plants from young cuttings seem to do better inside than plants that have been outside. Don't know why.