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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy


In addition to the livejournal feed (shadowfeed), one of the Shadow Unit readers has whipped up a Google gadget that will "Tivo" Shadow Unit to your iGoogle page.

Also, we have new content last night, and the teaser for Episode 2 is live.

And the cat thinks I really need to stay home and see to my responsibilities, instead of going off gallivanting with my friends all the time. Such a lecture, I got this morning....

Don't worry, guys. Actual content in this journal will no doubt resume when I am writing a book again. It's just that I never have anything to say about craft when my brain is full of packing fluff.

I have to start on Saturday. I mad meant to take the entire day and do nothing but write, but it looks like I have a lunch date. So it won't be a complete hermitage, but I don't have to GO anywhere, so that's something.


I hear you! I've been out all night, and I'm afraid to go into my room, where my cats are waiting with disapproving eyes and tapping tails.

Ep 2 Teaser...

University of Nebraska, Omaha? UNO? EEEEEEEE! PRACTICALLY in my backyard, being a native Iowegian and all. Hell, my cousin went, an ex is still going, and I could be there in under three hours! GO BEAR! More Midwest tales!

Re: Ep 2 Teaser...

I dunno. The local landscape does not always survive contact with my narratives...

Re: Ep 2 Teaser...

This is IOWA. Floods, Droughts, Tornadoes, and have you seen the SNOW?

Trust me, the local landscape can handle a little Bear now and again.

Sooooo can't wait for Episode 2...
This is slightly off topic, but I sent Emma a Shadow Unit Action Figure graphic a couple of weeks back, and haven't heard if she got it. (It was a second attempt, and I sent it to Will's g-mail account.) Could you check with her? I've been digging around my sent e-mails and haven't tracked it down, or I'd have tried sending it to you.

I haven't heard anything from her. Maybe check in her forum on the message board?
2 eps in and you're getting Google widgets?
*looks around*
talented pro-active fans, man.