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bear by san

March 2017



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The first part of my story "Shoggoths in Bloom," the entirety of which is available in the March Asimov's, is online for your perusal.



I had no idea you were a Bert & I fan.
Isn't everyone?
There's Seinfeld fans in the world, so I have given up on understanding what other people find funny.
...you have a point.
I'm going to have to go buy that issue for the title of that story alone.
I missed the Bert and I reference, but congratulations on the Asimov sale..

I don't get steinfeld show either, so it must be hereditary
I read it when I first received my March Asimov's. (That was a month or so ago?)

I thought it was a terrific story. I loved how you weaved issues of race and slavery into the mythos then made them pay off at the same time as the traditional mythos. The result was so satisfying, especially on a fundamental structural level.

While I'm gushing, I read Carnival on my trip to NYC for the day on the 9th. OMG. I literally could not put it down, on the 10th, until I'd finished it. It is such a rich, complex, satisfying work.

(I can't talking about how the story really worked for me without serious spoilers. So I'll leave it at just this one thing: Your deconstruction gender stereotypes was jaw-droppingly wonderful. Thank you for the ending. There were several beautifully written pages where I worried that you might give in to doing the standard thing, but then you didn't. I should have had more faith.)
*g* And you would not believe how much flack I've gotten for not doing the standard thing, either....

(Thank you!)
I agree wholeheardedly on "Shoggoths," especially that it satisfied on a structural level - you said exactly what I've been trying to say about this piece. And I agree with soon_lee below - it's my favorite Asimov's story so far this year. Bravo!
Thank you!
How many words is the entire piece?
It's a novelette.
They must like your work then, cuz novelettes are usually _the_ feature. Cool!

But, is the rest of it really Lovecraftian?
It's not the cover story, no.

It depends on what you mean by Lovecraftian.
Well, I try to stay away from that stuff, on the outside of the fringes of Cthul* horror. Don't like horror, really.

Guess I'm really saying, I don't quite know just how far one has to go to qualify for lovecraftian-style horror. Hmm. Good question.

Perhaps I ought to re-vamp: story can haz hor-r cookez?
I don't really write horror, in the traditional sense.
That's a relief - I hate not-finishing a story! :)
It is Lovecraftian but not horrific.
Need to find that and buy it.
"Shoggoths in Bloom," hunh... Cthulhu help the poor souls w/ *that pollen allergy... ;)
Also read "Shoggoths" in Asimovs, and I've recommended it to all my Lovecrafty friends. Without a doubt it will be in all the '08 anthologies.

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Do any big chain bookstores carry Asimov’s these days?
I don't know.
i think i saw it at Borders
Couldn’t find it at Borders, but I was able to download it from Fictionwise.

“It's a hand-tinted John James Audubon engraving picturing a quiescent shoggoth, docile on a rock. Gulls wheel all around it.” That’s a delightful 180° from Lovecraft, as is the conclusion. I wonder if Chaosium will want it for one of their collections of Mythos stories?

Of course, as soon as I went ou and bought one, my contributor copies showed up.

I wish I could get a John James Audubon print of a shoggoth.

Edited at 2008-03-04 12:12 pm (UTC)
It's a delightful story, evocative & nuanced. "Shoggoths in Bloom" is my favourite story of the issue & the year so far.
Thank you very much.