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bear by san

February 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

oh what a lovely sound

So I went climbing tonight. I'm still not entirely recovered from my cold, as my cardio condition has not bounced back yet, but I am getting there. I skinned the everloving heck out of my left hand, too, as I wiped out really spectacularly on my second route. Whee! Okay, I scared myself and my belayer both half to death, but nobody died, so it was all right. But anyway, I am going to go get jiggy with my heating pad, a glass of wine, and some naproxen in just a minute here.

I also did most of my pre-deathmarch grocery shopping today. I should, with luck, not need to buy anything except beverages, dairy products, and fresh produce until the book is done, and I have a wide range of convenience foods to subsist on while I grovel through. (I also have the page proofs for Ink & Steel, which means my grovel through those starts tomorrow.) Ahh, the glamour! Actually, it feels good to be contemplating being back in the saddle again. I always feel so useless when I'm not writing.

However, this does mean that I don't know if I'm making I-Con. We're going to have to see how that goes. 

So anyway, my kitchen is totally stocked for the apocalypse. Tomorrow, I need to buy flour and olives, but other than that--

Well here. This was the (partial--there's also stuff on the door) frozen steamed bun (and frozen soup, because I have also been hoarding soup and curries against March) situation in my freezer before I packed in the dead animal parts.

And that's despite having forgotten to buy sesame buns....


Frozen steamed buns!
When I am ambitious I make my own, but deathmarching is not about ambitious cooking...
You know, I'm all for making dumplings from scratch (when I get carried away, dough for wrappers and all), but buns always seem like too much work.
They're really not. And they freeze. *g* But I vote yes on kneading, in general. It's cheaper than therapy, and afterwards you get, hey, bread.

I have some mung bean paste ones made from cvillette's recipe in the freezer now, actually.
"I am going to go get jiggy with my heating pad, a glass of wine, and some naproxen in just a minute here."

- Sounds like a party!

Good luck finishing the book.
Frozen soup is such a useful thing -- I have lots of it myself. (And also homemade potstickers, but no steamed buns, alas.)

Good luck on the deathmarch!
Me too. I have tubs and tubs of various soups and stews, but no steamed buns. Gyoza, shu mai, naan and samosas instead. :)
I wonder if this stocking up pre-book is a universal writerly trait, or if it's more individual than that. I'm doing the same thing.
I believe it's universal. Frozen burritos are also a popular choice, I believe, as are frozen pizza and hot pockety things. *g*

And liquor, but since I can't write drunk...
My goodness, your freezer's tidy. I'm in awe.

Good luck on the deathmarch. I'm slogging through my book with a machete, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow full of assorted plot points, trying to turn a shapeless, overgrown, colorful mess into an actual story a Young Reader can follow. I'm letting you be an inspiration to me. Do you mind?
I thought you were supposed to be being an inspiration to me!

(and you should see it now that I have crammed raw meat into every available corner. *g*)
Ah. Inspiration works best when it goes both ways. ;)

Stay Warm

Your freezer looks much like mine. I stock up for evenings when I get home with ZERO energy for anything beyond the "George Jetson Finger Workout" - ie put stuff in the MW and punch up "Nuc it till it's steaming". Spouse and I have had several such dinners this winter - especially after digging out the house and/or barn.
Good on Ya.
Smiles for Bear.

Re: Stay Warm

Hee. Yeah.

That's when cold cereal comes in handy too.
The sad truth of a working writer: no automatic icemaker.
I use ice maybe twice a year, so it's okay.

Seriously, I fill the tray, and then it sublimates dry, and then I wash it out and fill it again.
People who use ice don't realize it does that (just had this conversation with a friend. "You have...tiny ice cubes." "Yeah. They didn't start out that way."). I hardly ever use ice. The only way I can keep it around for company is to make trays of it and transfer it into a gallon ziplock.
We're doing that creepy separated at birth thing again. I like hot drinks, but not cold ones. A little cooler than room temperature is fine.

In restaurants, I usually ask for my beverage without ice.

The never remember to bring it that way, alas.
The Quartermaster Corps has done their bit. Now for the airstrikes and infantry. Go, you!
We're getting set up in the back to receive prisoners....
Oooh! Yes please, on the more secrets of a Bearly fridge!

I'm always looking for more single-person freezer methods / recipes / ideas / products. I imagine cooking for one is kind of like writing for yourself -- you can do a damn fine job and still be sick of the end product by the next day.
I make big batches of things and freeze them, mostly. Or I buy things in large quantities, portion them out (one or two chicken breasts to a plastic bag) and then freeze those.

Then I eat my way through everything and start over. *g*

It's also a style of living very well-suited to a person with intermittent income, as well as intermittent fits of extreme workiness.
I'm impressed by how neat your freezer is.

It was made by emmavescence and is snaggable.

#5 is my cat's favourite. Somehow, she never gets tired of it either.
Cup hockey!

OMG, best icon ever.

It's only that neat because I took everything out and restacked it so I stood a change of getting ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING back inside. 0.0

Seriously. It's full. So full I have to stand ready to field things when I open the door.
Icon is by emmavescence and it made me snort coffee when I first read it.

Make sure you are wearing stout shoes when opening the freezer - toes broken by frozen meat products = ouch.

I always mean to have an organised freezer . . .
My fridge, as you might imagine, is slightly more sparse. *g*

I should freeze more. Things go mouldy!
An Oingo Boingo fan!

I knew there was a reason I liked you. :)
Is THAT all it takes?

Yeah, I'm pretty easy. But not cheap. :P

Sir Unrelated-to-this-entry

I just finished (as in, 20 minutes ago, or so) reading Dust and I intend to nominate it for the Best Novel Hugo, because, omgamazing.

Ahem. Anyway. I may fangirl at you in more detail at Duckon, as Chicago's my hometown. :->

Re: Sir Unrelated-to-this-entry

Thank you very much!