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bear by san

March 2017



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if I did well really what's it too you?

Progress notes for 8 March 2008


New words: 2078. Woooo! With my motherfucking manuscript or on it.
Total words: 15042. 15K, and I yes, started a new damned scene and wrote a paragraph of it to break that point.
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: Lots of lectures today. At least I'm bringing her another monkey to distract her.
Reason for stopping: going to go eat Thai food and watch cartoons with a friend.

Darling du jour: She sucked her sore, mending tooth again.
Tyop du jour: I'm sure I'll find a million later
Jury-rigging: Oh, look. A seventh POV. *Gives up* Fuck it, the book is actually writing now.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  I met somebody new and interesting today. 0.0 And big. Very, very big.

Other writing-related work: none
Exercise: none
Miles to Lothlorien: 254.4
Guitar practice: none, but I will try some finger picking later.
Mail:  none

Today's words Word don't know:   unsapient, backstory, neesings, midrash, kilbit, tyger's, endeavour, bootprints, neurochemical, stigmatics,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: leviathan
Sustenance: Thai food
Mean Things: paralysis, widowhood, angst
The Internet is Full of Things: via jaylake, readying the Shuttle for launch. (A photo essay)


Mean Things: paralysis, widowhood, angst

It's hard to say this well, but I have to say that when it comes to characters to use their angst as fuel for their engines, instead of strutting around wearing it like bling and getting in the way of the Story, you are the Undisputed Heavy-weight Champeen of da World!
Thank you.

I try.

It is a fine line between Angst and Wangst.
Yay for a breakthrough! ^_^
With my motherfucking manuscript or on it.

Go team Sparta!

I'm glad you're feeling unstuck now. And if you want all kinds of Kabbalistic numerological symbology about the number 7, I'm sure those of us reading your journal can find some sort of justifiable reason you need 7 POVs.
... killbit?
Nope. Much more ancienter than that.
Hmmmm... By any chance does your new big friend have tentacles and no vertebrae? Or flames and really big hooves?

Never mind, don't tell! I'll wait and be surprised! *runs off squeeing*
Hooray for getting unstuck!

Secret numbers are seven.
Elizabethan English. "Sneezing." It shows up in the KJV.
Since thou dost say so, It cannot be doubted.
OT: I adore your word counter. Where, oh where, is it to be found?? I click and I click and nothing happens...