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April 2016



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write hard die freefeyandstrange wrote
on March 9th, 2008 at 01:54 pm

In my world, Leonard Cohen is bloody overplayed by all those hipsters and depressives who love his layered irony. I do believe that being forced to listen to his "Waltzing Matilda" would qualify for me personally as torture at this point. Maybe I prefer my irony a bit more cheerful, or maybe I've just been overexposed. Or maybe I'm better medicated, as almost all the Cohen fans I know seem to be either in the irony-hipster phase or not well-medicated for their depressive tendencies.

I'd choose Buckley because I like Buckley and because after three days straight of a roomie playing Cohen I never need to hear his voice again. But I was exposed at Noriega-like levels there, so I have reason. Had I been watching that Criminal Minds episode for some strange reason, I'd have rolled my eyes and groaned and talked over it and left the room in self-defense.

I often fall out of the generational trap, as despite being genX I have musical tastes that almost entirely stop by 1986 or so if not 1976, and was never much into pop radio except for a brief flirtation with New Wave. Most of my collection is those other great chain-yankers and their ilk, or punk, or Weird Eclectica. Ideally with awesome lyrics, as I've realized that's what makes something really stick for me; good *writing* will grab me long before great guitar. But I am really not a musician sort; I just like poetry and activism and tight pants and eyeliner, and music isn't how I express that.

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