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homesweetfixx wrote
on March 11th, 2008 at 05:28 am

I agree that using dating sites can feel more like work, but Craig's List is no better. Craig's List is well liked by people seeking quick sex. Most intelligent people who seek a dating site want something that rapidly sorts the wheat from the chaff, but most don't particularly work that way.

The site I like most is frequently referred to as "the dating site for intellectuals", because regardless of degree of education or political leaning, stupid people simply do not thrive there. Meanwhile users of the site are so impressed with the matching accuracy that it is not the least bit unusual for members to introduce people they meet off-site in order to better determine just how compatible they may be.

The website I refer to is, OKCupid.com. OKCupid makes most, if not all, dating sites pale in comparison by having features that no other dating sites would dare to have.

-OKCupid has an extremely functional personality matching system. The tests upon which this matching is based are written by the users, not a small number of Harvard psychologists, so the testing is not biased toward users with a particular background.
-Unlike most/all other dating sites, OKCupid allows outside links to be placed in the user profile. Even free sites such as plentyoffish automatically deletes/disables such linking as it has to potential to lure their clients away.
-OKCupid allows users to post insanely long profiles if the user wishes. Trust me, I'm long winded; If OKCupid has a profile length limit, I've not found it yet.
-OKCupid features an "journal" feature which can be linked from your profile and used in many ways, including a sort-of OKCupid version of the LJ-cut feature. Many use it to post accessory photos beyond the five user photos the site provides.

I'm hard pressed to try to think of any one feature of OKCupid that is that much more appealing, although there is one that does seem to impress even those who know nothing about the site. That is that it is FREE, or rather it is supported by advertising and does not demand money, EVER. Many so-called FREE sites actually allow you to join for free, but you cannot send email until you pay for the privilege.

If you do decide to join, please email me to that effect at fixx at Livejournal.com and I'll offer you some tips for new users.

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