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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

And while you're at it, I want a pony.

February 29th would have been my second wedding anniversary, if I were still married. (The alert among you will have already figured out that this means I got married in 2000.) I've been separated for over two years now, and divorced for six months, and I have realized something recently.

I am ready to start dating again.

Of course, I have no idea how a self-employed artist would meet people. A friend of mine has been exploring the wilds of Craig's list for similar purposes, but her results have been mixed enough that I'm totally hesitant to try that. On the other hand, I'm also enough at a loss that on the way home from Fall River (it's about a two hour drive) tonight I started composing a personal ad.

Let's see.

Self-employed, financially independent artist seeks person(s) for acquaintanceship, flirtation, possible escalation. I am: divorced, female, 36, eclectic, geeky, mercurial, empathic, intellectual, opinionated, radical, insecure, overscheduled, tactile, energetic, intimidating, picky, prickly, defensive, spontaneous, amusing, tough, devoid of ownership issues, bad at communicating needs strongly, moderately traumatized but so over the glamour of my own tragic past, and can cook. I am looking for someone(s) who is/are: 25-55, single or in an open relationship, solvent, outdoorsy, creative, adventurous, ethical, ambitious, geeky, competent, active, curious, friendly, funny, and not a picky eater.

Anybody not within a reasonable commute of Hartford, CT, need not apply.

And then it occurred to me... I could ask my Internets!  So there you go.

Internets, set me up with your friends!


A Certain Someone* just listened to me read this post.

I believe he started saying "I'm available"** when I got to the "ready to start dating" line.


*the same Certain Someone who likes to throw evil care-bears armed with lolipops at his D&D players.

**open relationships.

Well, you know. I am asking my internets to set me up. *g*
I owe you books. Which are in my car, waiting to be mailed. I am hugely lame.

You should come to Boston! We'd buy you coffee. And give you books! And cute boys!
hah! I should come to Boston. And maybe after this book is done I will?
ok. this is a good plan. I like this plan and am proud to be a part of it.
Remind me?

And now I must go write....
Yes, yes, that would be excellent!

You can crash our place. We can walk boys and girls past you and see what you think!

We can also discuss stuff that I keep being too lame to send email about.
You're on.
Great. I'll remind you when you get close to done.
Given who YOU are, would that Certain Someone have a lot of writing credits for GURPS?

If that's so, I think my head might explode at the pairing. Though stranger things have worked!
no, it's a different Certain Someone.

although it's not a bad guess, given the gibbons.
Ah. I probably pegged the crowd but not the individual, huh?

I should have made an effort to drag Bear to Hot Foods.
That would have been something, I think.
Bear, you are on notice: if you are not out of town in June, when sunspiral and roozle throw their Beginning of Summer party, you are coming with me.

Assuming they don't throw it when I'm going to see the Cure, of course.
Heh. I am in fact out of town for most of the month of June, but if I'm not, you're on.
That Certain Someone might find this adventure setting entertaining.