loose tea for loose women

February 2015



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loose tea for loose women

And while you're at it, I want a pony.

February 29th would have been my second wedding anniversary, if I were still married. (The alert among you will have already figured out that this means I got married in 2000.) I've been separated for over two years now, and divorced for six months, and I have realized something recently.

I am ready to start dating again.

Of course, I have no idea how a self-employed artist would meet people. A friend of mine has been exploring the wilds of Craig's list for similar purposes, but her results have been mixed enough that I'm totally hesitant to try that. On the other hand, I'm also enough at a loss that on the way home from Fall River (it's about a two hour drive) tonight I started composing a personal ad.

Let's see.

Self-employed, financially independent artist seeks person(s) for acquaintanceship, flirtation, possible escalation. I am: divorced, female, 36, eclectic, geeky, mercurial, empathic, intellectual, opinionated, radical, insecure, overscheduled, tactile, energetic, intimidating, picky, prickly, defensive, spontaneous, amusing, tough, devoid of ownership issues, bad at communicating needs strongly, moderately traumatized but so over the glamour of my own tragic past, and can cook. I am looking for someone(s) who is/are: 25-55, single or in an open relationship, solvent, outdoorsy, creative, adventurous, ethical, ambitious, geeky, competent, active, curious, friendly, funny, and not a picky eater.

Anybody not within a reasonable commute of Hartford, CT, need not apply.

And then it occurred to me... I could ask my Internets!  So there you go.

Internets, set me up with your friends!


My brother fits all your qualifications except 2: he's a picky eater, and lives in Oregon. Sadly, he will never move because he fits another one of your reqs: he's outdoorsy. ;) He supplements his income by hunting and fishing, and will go camping for weeks at a time. So, what do you say to moving to Oregon to date a handsome, 42 yr old, Navy vet, redheaded hunter-gatherer and welder?

And never underestimate the power of LJ: I met my husband on LJ in a comment thread in 2004. In June we will have been married 4 years. <3
Alas. I moved cross country for a relationship once.

Next time, they can come to me.

(Your brother sounds like a total catch. He's outdoorsy enough to intimidate me. *g*)
He IS a sci-fi geek and he WAS born in New Haven... might be able to persuade him to at least visit... lol.

Good luck, in all sincerity. :) *hugs!*