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bear by san

February 2017



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writing literature vonnegut asshole

stand tall. don't think small. don't get your back against the wall.

The decks are cleared, now through tomorrow night around five, except for a maintenance guy coming to paint my bathroom in about an hour (so really, I should shower.).

There will be two thousand words today. Dammit. Possibly three thousand. And if you don't hear from me much, well, I was writing.

(Man, I remember when two thousand words was minimal effort. It just kind of happened. Now it is a day of toil. Let nobody tell you this writing thing gets easier with experience.)


The theme from "Remo Williams"?
Tommy Shaw, "Girls with Guns."
I'm appalled that you've referenced a song from a Tommy Shaw solo album and even MORE appalled that I recognized the reference instantly.

Don't be tossing out any Damn Yankee quotes on us.
Gabba gabba we accept you gabba gabba we accept you.
'stand tall, don't you fall'...dammit, now I'll have that Burton Cummings earworm all day...

Do good work, and stay in touch.
(Man, I remember when two thousand words was minimal effort. It just kind of happened. Now it is a day of toil. Let nobody tell you this writing thing gets easier with experience.)

I am overjoyed to have averaged 2000 words/day for five consecutive days.

But when I began this damned series back in 2002, I spewed out 155,000 words in eight weeks. Go figure.
I think what happens is that one spends thirty years getting a head full of stories, in there pressing away trying to get told.

And then one writes them.

And then after that one has to *invent* new stories, make them up from whole cloth. And that takes longer.
Yes,, the second album hurdle.. A band has twenty years to polish twenty songs, then they have a year to get twenty more better ones.

And I'm overjoyed that pumping out around 1400 a day as a wannabe 'awffer' doesn't make me seem lame by comparison. Of course, the quality of your 2000 words is probably a lot better than my 1400 words, but we won't go there... let me have my moment

Do you think the reason is because you are a better craftsman and now produce better first drafts, or that you feel pressured by success to challenge yourself with your prose in ways you wouldn't have done previously?
Well, according to David Gerrold, the First Million Words are practice...
Ah, yes. Some books are like that. High maintenance. Moody. Unpredictable. They tend to give something back in the end, though. You'll see.
Sigh. You know, I won't *date* people like that. It seems unfair that I get stuck with it in books....


Some stories won't wait to be told, other stories can't be bothered. Maybe you're trying to tell the wrong character's story.
You do realize that the maintenance guy will show up either while you are in the shower, or just as you get into the groove and are scribbling furiously? *grin*

Of course, it could be that he is cute and literate, in which case he could scrub your back and proof read.
Alas. Reasonably cute (and also a Jeff: I am beset with them!) but all he did was sand and paint.

However, my bathroom walls no longer look like a snake experiencing a really bad shed, so it's all good.
Fear the Jeff, for we are legion.

At least he sanded it down, most of the time they will just paint over the wall regardless of condition.
It was peeling off in flakes as big as my palm. *g*

Heh. I bet that was fun for the cat.

*thump, wrestle, crunch crunch*
monkey: what was that?
cat: it jumped me, so I ateded it.
monkey: that's paint, it can't hurt you
cat: not anymore it can't.
Hugs on the struggle. That's an interesting thought about telling stories that haven't been inhabitants for 10+ years. It makes a lot of sense and is something that crosses over many writers' experience. However, I prefer my theory :P. I like to think I'm writing more complicated stories now so they just write slowly :). /me tucks behind her the fun, lighthearted, non-philosophical ones that are not complicated at all and still barely write at 1k a day.

Good luck with your writing.

I'm not sure if you noticed in this posting, that we reviewed a number of your books in Issue 34 of Albedo1.

I will be getting a pdf version of this issue to send to you, so you can read what was said.
Well, if you hated them, I would rather not know. 0.0

(Thank you.)
I hope you will be pleased with them.

We are also happy that once you've read them, you should feel free to quote from them if you wish>

I'm dependent on another member of the editorial team sending me the pdf, so I can't say when exactly I'll get to send it to you, but is should be no later than the weekend.
Thank you! *g*
I have the pdf of Albedo1 Issue 34 with the reviews of your books. Which email do you want me to send it to.

There is an address on your website, but if you wish me to send it to another one, then let me know.
That one's fine, or matociquala at gmail.

Thank you!