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bear by san

February 2017



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This is irrefutable because I say so, and because I say so, it is irrefutable.

At the same time it is very probable, and indeed it has often been known to happen, that witches do actually and indeed suck children's blood, which they draw either by some sharp needle or by the scratch of their long nails, or else by the aid of the Devil they pierce some vital vein, and scars are left by the tenderest parts of the child's body, whence they have sucked the hot life-blood, and the child becomes anaemic, wastes away, and dies. This cannot be gainsaid since it is proven by irrefragable testimony, and it has been demonstrated that after witches in the form of cats have been seen to attack children, blood is noticed to trickle and trill from wounds, although they may be very small, and accordingly the Devil hath been busy here.

--Montague Summers, The Werewolf in Lore and Legend, 1933.

Yes, he's serious.

I now know why Cthulhu investigators lose SAN over reading mythos tomes.


In 1933? That's awfully close for such a foreign country.
Somethin' that disturbs me about people who are so blatantly certain of their complete insanity is that some people think that certainty indicates at least some level of truth.
Oh, Summers. I love his stuff. So bugnuts.

I'm going to have to figure out how to use that in everyday conversation so I can frighten and confuse the children.
"zetetic" on the first page, baby.
My *other* new favorite word is 'feculent,' which is always useful.
Does that have the root I think it does?
Why yes, yes it does... ;D
Yes, but as a sibling rather than a child; direct from faecula, faex rather than via our faeces. As it were.

I swear to the sweet lord I thought that this said "irrefridgeable" and was wondering what kinky things they were doing with their iceboxes back in 1933.

So this guy once captained his own antique failboat, then?
Is that like someone who plays Halo with a no damage cheat code set? Sounds like it.
I now know why Cthulhu investigators lose SAN over reading mythos tomes.




Tell me he isn't seriously saying that the fact that children bleed after they have been scratched by cats is a sign of Satanic activity?


Oh, god, my head.

<reads yet again>

I think he really is saying that.

Pity he was a generation or two too early for the introduction of effective antipsychotic medication; his grasp on reality is a little... absent.

Edited to fix my munged HTML. Also to say I really love your tag on the post.

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Just from the fragment, the date, and the book-title, I would wonder if he was reporting ancient beliefs, rather than anything current.

But if folks who have read more say that he's nuts, I shall defer to their greater knowledge.
He's one of those authors you have to read away from breakables. And over a long period of time because you either start shouting at the book or wondering about your sanity.
Oddly enough, Windows Vista has the same effect on me.
I'm reading The Vampire in Europe. He is an everlasting joy!

Augh, Flashbacks

I read entirely too much of Montague's painstakingly tedious but damn near worthless historical accounts of vampirism during my college days for research.

It should be required reading for every pretentious vampyre dorq, because IT WILL CURE THEM.
Have you read his translation of Malleus Maleficarum? He got his fascinatin' logic and rather abstruse prose style from translating medieval texts.

Opens book randomly:

"And again, that which seems to be, cannot really be; as in the case of a woman who seems to be a beast, for two substantial shapes cannot exist at one and the same time in the same matter. Therefore, since that shape of a beast which appears cannot exist anywhere, no glamour of illusion can exist in the eye of the beholder; for the sight must have some object in which it terminates."

And the Keeper always rolls for your SAN loss...
Oh, yeah, gotta love good ol' Monty! Singlehandedly bringing back the Malleus.
He's nuts. Pure and simple.
I love Summers. Purely nutball, but one of the few resources when you're researching that kind of folklore. :)
That was written in 1933? *boggles* I thought it was a Malleus quote at first.

... but I am totally stealing and accordingly the Devil hath been busy here.