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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

the sun is slowly setting on the golden age

[08:05] jmeadows: maybe I should shower and see if this book wants to tell me what it wants to do
[08:05] jmeadows: :|
[08:14] matociquala: hee
[08:14] matociquala: foolish withholding book.
[08:14] matociquala: I should shower and eat, I mean feed, this cat
[08:21] jmeadows: aw, kitty
[08:21] jmeadows: the shower failed me
[08:21] jmeadows: and did not reveal the book
[08:22] jmeadows: but did reveal a wad of hair stuck in the drain
[08:22] jmeadows: urk
[08:28] matociquala: URK!
[08:28] matociquala: The internets, however, save me.
[08:28] matociquala: Because I can order my mailers from Office Despot online and get free delivery tomorrow.
[08:28] matociquala: And so the ranch was saved.
[08:29] jmeadows: yay internets!
[08:48] matociquala: Okay, now that the ranch is saved, I can wash my hair and put on pants.
[08:59] jmeadows: *returns*
[09:02] matociquala: clean!
[09:03] jmeadows: yay!
[09:03] matociquala: shiny!
[09:03] jmeadows: did your shower tell you my plot?
[09:03] matociquala: Um.
[09:04] matociquala: Is your plot girl meets seahorse scrubbie, they have wacky adventures with rubber ducky?
[09:04] jmeadows: hm, not as far as I know
[09:04] matociquala: Then it must have told me stillsostrange's plot. *g*
[09:05] jmeadows: heee
[09:05] matociquala: I figured out part of my Chill plot last night in the car, though. So go me.
[09:05] jmeadows: yes, that sounds like stillsostrange's plot :D
[09:05] jmeadows: oooh! yay!
[09:05] matociquala: Because right now it's just a series of unfortunate events, and it needs to be a plot.
[09:05] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:05] jmeadows: when do you have to start writing it again?
[09:05] matociquala: Aaand I need to put pants on and braid my hair and switch to the laptop and get some Work done.
[09:05] matociquala: Um.
[09:06] matociquala: Sometime after Viable Paradise.
[09:06] matociquala: I have a bunch of short stuff to do now.
[09:06] jmeadows: (that's what always bothered me about the title of that lemony snicket book, aside from anything named lemony snicket -- a series of unfortunate events isn't plot.)
[09:06] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:06] matociquala: And I might start rewriting The Sea thy Mistress if I have time.
[09:06] jmeadows: *laffs* yes, if you have time o.o
[09:06] matociquala: Because I know what happens in that, I just have to write the grownup version, and not the This Is My Second Novel Now With Angst! version.
[09:07] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:08] matociquala: See, I figured out that if Tristen knows about The Thing In The Basement and isn't telling anyone, that's tension, and tension is like plot.
[09:09] matociquala: And Tristen might know about TTITB, because he's old.
[09:09] matociquala: And that gives him something to think about besides Widower Angst
[09:09] jmeadows: new angst is good
[09:09] matociquala: Because right now all the book has is Widower Angst and Divorce Angst and Bad Breakup Angst
[09:09] matociquala: Bear, your issues are showing. *g*
[09:10] jmeadows: *offers paint*
[09:10] matociquala: Hee.
[09:10] matociquala: *paints it over with Abusive Parent Angst*
[09:10] matociquala: *adds a nice contrasting trim*
[09:10] jmeadows: this just gets more and more fun! :P
[09:11] matociquala: What do you think about something in a Valiant But Inevitably Futile Death?
[09:11] matociquala: Or should I save that for the drapes?
[09:11] jmeadows: drapes, definitely
[09:12] jmeadows: Why not try the floor with Missed Opportunities?
[09:12] matociquala: Oh, that'll tie it to the kitchen.
[09:12] matociquala: Score!
[09:12] jmeadows: and the kitchen is...?
[09:12] matociquala: Mostly What Could Have Been.
[09:13] jmeadows: ooh, that's perfect
[09:13] matociquala: With the counters in Deep Regrets.
[09:13] matociquala: *rearranges the deck chairs*
[09:13] matociquala: Pay no attention to that iceberg behind the curtain. I mean drapes.

Okay, gotta work now.


This is my new motto: "Pay no attention to that iceberg behind the curtain".

Maybe my plotting will get at least funnier to laugh at?

I'm reminiscing about VP, all by my lonesome in Oklahoma. Which sounds like an obscure country song. How apt...
(that's all I got...no clever before coffee)
Deck chair?
Oh hell yeah, baby. Lemme grab this cuppa and I will be right there.
:::settles in, sips coffee:::


Hey Bear? What's that behind the curtain?
[09:08] matociquala: See, I figured out that if Tristen knows about The Thing In The Basement and isn't telling anyone, that's tension, and tension is like plot.

Is that where he keeps the Batmobile?
With the counters in Deep Regrets

I think my first house had shag carpeting about that shade. Although, it might have been a slightly more putrid-y orange shade that I like to call, "What Was I Thinking?"

If only my plotting efforts were so amusing. *sigh*. When I grow up, can I as cool as you?
Heh. Not only did my first house have the counters in "Deep Regrets", shag in "WTF Was I Thinking?" and kitchen in "Mostly What Might Have Been", it was wallpapered with a lovely shade of flocked velvet "This Will Cost You Several Grand and Multiple Gray Hairs To Get Out Of".
My first house was like that! It even had a granny flat decorated in "You Really Didn't Think About The Consequences, Did You?"