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bear by san

March 2017



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Actually, in person, it doesn't look anything like a giant chrome-plated phallus at all.

The proportions are all wrong. And I'm pretty sure that if your penis were bulging like that in at he middle, you'd need to see a doctor post-haste.


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How very cool and shiny, and it looks right at home there.
Amidst the toy animals....

I think I shall put my suck monkey on it.

It's very shiny. :)

"If you have a Hugo that lasts for over four hours, seek medical attention."
So shiny! It's beautiful. :)
Well, if your penis were 13 inches long, I presume a doctor would be in order as well.

(Like all good dildoes, however, the pictured item has a big, wide base. Safe play is always important!)
Dude, nothing that looks like that is getting anywhere near my nether parts. Two words: "Internal bleeding."
Y'know, now that you've said it though, I just cannot unsee it. Much less stop thinking about how much that would hurt.
Please compare this photo to the one John Scalzi posted, with little stuffed toys and artwork surrounding his award. Similarities?

Is this something that all Hugo-ists do? Post photos of the spaceship in their home environment? (count this as encouragement for them to do so - y'all should cross-link to each other's photos)
Where else are you going to put it, except on the shelf with the stuffed toys?
Not to mention those fins . . .
Oh, an award with significant possibilities as a home defense weapon! I like it.

I loved the story, by the way. Just thought I'd mention that too.
I see a pony!

(Two ponies!)
Heraldic ponies!
See the Hugo Award in its natural environment. They get along quite well with stuffed animals and should be fed at at least once a day with plenty of attention.
Again with the Congratulations. The award is well-deserved.
When you first posted the photo with the caption "Look what I won" my thought was - a silver dildo -?

Congratulations on the win.
It's a thing of beauty--congratulations.
It looks gorgeous. Well done!!!
Awww--that's well worth cleaning the living room for! *g*
I think it looks shiny and sfnal and totally awesome.
Yay! Shiny! Not the best looking one, but not the worst one either.
Or get a job in the adult film industry!

Yay for giant SF peen award! Congratulations again!
But it's very pretty. And that's one of the nicest displays I've seen. :-)
Very splendid, and thanks once again for making my evening by dropping by the live coverage.

My own view on the phallic symbol things is that I'm glad penises are not really that pointy.

And hey, I was totally pleased you were liveblogging. that made MY night.
Just don't tell the Russians. They might think it's a missile defense system and get cranky.
I was wondering if I should put it next to my Dick Award of Merit....
Is it wrong that I'm actually more interested in the toys than the award?

I'm trying to decide if the little fella in the left bottom is. Dare I guess that it's a bear?
Most likely. *g*
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