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bear by san

February 2017



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the money you've been drinking is the last that we had

So apparently, the ideal way for me to lose weight is to go to an island, get rained on a lot, sit in chairs and read and talk, not get enough exercise, eat a ton of carbohydrates and cheese and fried seafood, and drink about twice as much coffee and five times as much alcohol as I usually do.

Because I dropped about two pounds at Viable Paradise.

...boy, if only I thought this would work as a long-term lifestyle choice.

Maybe Scalzi is a vampire. That would explain a lot, including the weird dreams.


Sometimes you just gotta be bad to get past a plateau.
I've definitely found that to be true. It's like an excess of calories for a brief period tricks the body. "Oh, so there's no famine? Okay, everybody, relax! False alarm. There's no famine! Famine off!"
Yay! Farewell exercise, au revoir diet!

*orders in cheese, seafood and a Scalzi*
Where do I sign up for this diet?
Change your running schedule -- run in the dark, in the rain, holding the hands of friends.

This time, your friends won't let you fall.

Also, eat more cake.

[/unsolicited advice]

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If you could find a way to market that weight-loss program, you would make a mint.
What a concept. Vampire weight loss.. Sexy too... Now for a snappy brand name...


Transylvanian Weight Loss Centers"

"Twilight of the Cellulite"

Go with the last one.
so where do i hire vampires? Are there any that are not illegal immigrants? Can i have them tested for HIV status? Are there will power issues? Want a job as a vampire consultant?
Best diet ever.
I thought Scalzi lived off Coke Zero exclusively?

Or is that just what he wants us to think (mwahahaha!)?
Same thing happened to me. I think it may have something to do with missing meals because I was so busy.
Or burning energy like a madman. It's not like you ever sit down....
It's the island. The island has strange properties.

Not all of them beneficial.

Be glad you only stayed a week.
Okay, as if I needed *another* reason to want to sign up...

...now I have one!
I think that running all the way back from the sea wall counted for a lot, especially under the circumstances! (I still feel bad that my reflexes weren't better... it might have had something to do with the bourbon.)

It was my own damnfool fault. *g* And hey, nobody died. We observed Rule 1.
Hmm, if Scalzi IS a vampire, perhaps of the sucking fat variety, it would explain the bacon fetish. Seriously.

I've found that after a while of restricting and hardcore exercise, I tend to drop a few lbs if I take a couple days off. Sadly, this usually means less water retention in my muscles from the dump after not working out... so I gain it all back once I start working out again.
Perhaps it was the fretting about flying in a small plane/riding on the ferry boat during a hurricane.

Also? I think you burned about 1500 calories reading "The Unstrung Harp". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

It's the only true book about being a novelist ever written. *g*