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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

i ain't really falling asleep. i'm fading to black.

Campaign '08 as an AD&D game. Brilliant.

BIDEN: He has a point. Cindy turned out to be a vampire.

Andrew Wheeler with more on why some bookstore chains do not carry some books. This is excellent. if you care about the publishing industry at all, go read it.


Pat's an old and very dear friend, and I've always considered her the big sister I never had. I had to disagree with her, though, on a potential Borders boycott. Especially considering the arrogant Borders employees who smirked afterward "Well, I read one of her books years ago and it wasn't very good, so I'm going to make sure that we don't buy any more of hers." To paraphrase Chris DeVito of Fuck Science Fiction, most bookstore managers, indie or chain, have memories as long as their dicks are short, and they'll still be paying off Riddell Grudges for perceived slights decades later. In this case, Pat's heart was in the right place, but the trick is to get rid of the system, not further aggravate the incompetents who'll gleefully and "accidentally" leave books in the back for months before they're returned or pulped.

Sorry: I just saw too much of this from my magazine days. If you wanted to guarantee that a magazine that previously had 30 copies on the shelf had all of three for its next issue, just dare question one of the trolls in charge of the magazine section at Borders when s/he sneers "We don't carry that" or "It's not in yet." Elvis help you when you're trying to stir up interest in a new magazine, and the troll smirks "Well, we tried to sell that back in 1991, and it didn't sell", especially when you point out that (a) the magazine was new and (b) the store had only been around since 1993.