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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

we used to hate people. now we just make fun of them.

Since I have a bunch of friends and readers who are gluten-intolerant, diabetic, or (like me) avoiding refined carbs, I thought I would share the totally screwed-up but kind of delicious "brownie" recipe I found on the internets. What it makes is actually much more like mocha walnut fudge, not brownies--but it's awfully GOOD mocha walnut fudge.

With no gluten or other grains and no refined sugar. High in protein. Shockingly tasty.

Not exactly perfectly healthy and not vegan--there is some butter in there--but man. Discipline-legal chocolate sweets. Win.

Would you believe they're made with pureed beans? Frijoles negros, in my tummy. No, really. They're good.

(The Discipline is that, essentially, I do not get to eat refined carbs except for after fairly strenuous exercise. I can have all the whole grains, protein, and veggies I want. It has interesting side effects--for example, when I'm eating like this, I notice my PMS all-but-vanishes, my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.)


And I still can't eat it cos of the dairy. *wails*
The butter? Could you use Earth Balance instead?
Whassat? Don't think we have it in the UK....
It's a vegan butter-analog -- very good, but no, I don't think it's available in the UK.

Looks similar to Pure, but being a dirty American, I don't know enough about Pure to recommend it or not.
The Australian equivalent is Nuttelex, which (according to the tub in my lactose-intolerants' fridge) contains:
- sunflower oil
- canola oil (specifically non-GM)
- vegetable oils
- water
- salt
- emulsifiers (471, 322 sunflower lecithin)
- flavour
- Vitamins A, D2, E
I'm not that surprised about the beans actually, given how many very tasty asian sweets have a bean base.

Where do you get the agave nectar?
I get mine by the honey section. Though usually in the hippie (natural foods) section of the grocery store.
I'm not surprised. Black beans + coffee with milk but no sugar = chocolate in my brain. Nice to know I'm not the only one!
Somewhere, I have an Austrian recipe for a flourless torte made with cooked white beans mashed through a fod mill.

I have made it, and it is pretty tasty. Not a light, delicate, floaty thing, but tasty.
A food mill, a food mill. I have no idea what a fod mill does, but it sounds like it's connected with the processing of non-ferrous metals.

Always surprised to see a Nichole Blackman quote turn up.

*grins happily and goes digging for some of her spoken word*

Thanks for the reminder, both about her, who I've not read or listened to in ages, and the brownie recipe. Yum.
Whee! I am happy to get actual confirmation that this recipe works and tastes good; have been trying to find agave-sweetened baked good recipes for PCOS-diagnosed roommate. Have managed chocolate-chip cookies so far (very cakelike, but good), and have been tracking down agave-sweetened ice cream, yogurt, etc.

Is the Discipline self-developed, or are there guidelines (other than those mentioned above) somewhere?

It's actually based on a suggestion from a personal trainer I know. And no, that's pretty much it. I try to stay between 1800-2300 calories a day (that means I wake up hungry, which is a handy rule of thumb--I burn a *lot* of calories) and I try to stay off refined carbs. Also, I try to eat lots of good fats and fish and limit the butter and meat intake.

But since cheese is my favorite thing, worrying too much about dairy fat seems foolish.
This has a strong resemblance to the Precision Nutrition folks' rules. They seem to have cleaned up their web site so as to eliminate any intro material that isn't a sales pitch (that makes them sound slimier than they are, oops), so here's a sample from the founder's old site:

Can you do this without the coffee?
That was my first thought. I was thinking cocoa powder.
Not a clue.
my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.

This sounds good to me. I've slowly reduced HFCS, but it keeps sneaking back, usually in sodas consumed in a casual fashion. I don't know if I could tell the difference unless I had one with plain sugar and one loaded with HFCS right next to each other, so I'd love that ability. The recipe will also go over with my gluten-free friends.

Does the HFCS smell/taste sweet? Chemical? I'd love to flense the stuff from everything.
Well, I don't drink soda, and I don't eat very much packaged food. Triscuits, mostly, and shredded wheat. *g* Also, I know what the "safe" bread brands are.

The really hard thing for me to give up is beer. Sweet, delicious beer....
I've seen gluten-free beer and that treads dangerously close to the "malternatives." I mean, zere already waz a beverage for zoze kindza zings.

Any time a healthy/special diet food makes me think of Zima, I swear they've lost a battle.

HFCS tastes ... overly sweet? Nasty? I hardly ever touch the stuff anymore, since the co-op I shop at doesn't stock anything with it (so sodas are sweetened with sugar or fruit juice or whatever), but sometimes I have a Coke because it's all that's available when I need caffeine STAT (for a potentially impending migraine) and gah. It's just awful. Oversweet.

Back to the topic of cakes, another whodathunkit is chocolate chickpea cake. Google turns up a couple recipes, and this one looks like the one I have.
HFCS has a plastic aftertaste to me, in much the same way that artificially fragranced things tend to have a back-of-the-throat touch of burning rubber to me. As a general rule, such things tend to make me come out in hives or make my skin flake off or cause respiratory issues.

I pay attention to the stench :P
That looks nifty and I will try it. I have no antagonism towards refined carbs (codependence, yes...) but I love Chinese bean- and taro-based sweets.
This recipe for raw vegan brownies has been recommended to me by multiple people. I admit I haven't tried it yet myself.
Cool. I'm not into raw or vegan, but for curiosity's sake...
Speaking of Discipline-legal chocolates:


FWIW. (I have no financial connection with the PN folks other than having given them money myself, and I don't get anything from them for link love; I'm just enthusiastic this week. :-)
I am definitely going to have to try this. Maybe tomorrow. Though I don't know about that "refrigerate 3 hours before cutting" thing...
If you try to eat them sooner, they're pudding. *g*

By day two, they're more like brownies.
spiffy bean brownies! thank you! :)

in a totally unrelated note, I think you mean "project" instead of "prokect" in the tags for this post?
It has interesting side effects--for example, when I'm eating like this, I notice my PMS all-but-vanishes, my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.

I can second all this. I've just ended the first week of a two-week sugar purge, and then I can add back in whole grains and fruit, and whenever I've done this, the side effects are great. It's like someone hooked the current back up to my brain and my spirit.