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bear by san

February 2017



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we used to hate people. now we just make fun of them.

Since I have a bunch of friends and readers who are gluten-intolerant, diabetic, or (like me) avoiding refined carbs, I thought I would share the totally screwed-up but kind of delicious "brownie" recipe I found on the internets. What it makes is actually much more like mocha walnut fudge, not brownies--but it's awfully GOOD mocha walnut fudge.

With no gluten or other grains and no refined sugar. High in protein. Shockingly tasty.

Not exactly perfectly healthy and not vegan--there is some butter in there--but man. Discipline-legal chocolate sweets. Win.

Would you believe they're made with pureed beans? Frijoles negros, in my tummy. No, really. They're good.

(The Discipline is that, essentially, I do not get to eat refined carbs except for after fairly strenuous exercise. I can have all the whole grains, protein, and veggies I want. It has interesting side effects--for example, when I'm eating like this, I notice my PMS all-but-vanishes, my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.)


my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.

This sounds good to me. I've slowly reduced HFCS, but it keeps sneaking back, usually in sodas consumed in a casual fashion. I don't know if I could tell the difference unless I had one with plain sugar and one loaded with HFCS right next to each other, so I'd love that ability. The recipe will also go over with my gluten-free friends.

Does the HFCS smell/taste sweet? Chemical? I'd love to flense the stuff from everything.
Well, I don't drink soda, and I don't eat very much packaged food. Triscuits, mostly, and shredded wheat. *g* Also, I know what the "safe" bread brands are.

The really hard thing for me to give up is beer. Sweet, delicious beer....
I've seen gluten-free beer and that treads dangerously close to the "malternatives." I mean, zere already waz a beverage for zoze kindza zings.

Any time a healthy/special diet food makes me think of Zima, I swear they've lost a battle.

HFCS tastes ... overly sweet? Nasty? I hardly ever touch the stuff anymore, since the co-op I shop at doesn't stock anything with it (so sodas are sweetened with sugar or fruit juice or whatever), but sometimes I have a Coke because it's all that's available when I need caffeine STAT (for a potentially impending migraine) and gah. It's just awful. Oversweet.

Back to the topic of cakes, another whodathunkit is chocolate chickpea cake. Google turns up a couple recipes, and this one looks like the one I have.
HFCS has a plastic aftertaste to me, in much the same way that artificially fragranced things tend to have a back-of-the-throat touch of burning rubber to me. As a general rule, such things tend to make me come out in hives or make my skin flake off or cause respiratory issues.

I pay attention to the stench :P