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bear by san

February 2017



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wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful

invented memories. i did burn all the books.

It has been a very, very busy two days.

First of all, still can't see out of my right eye, but at least it hurts a lot less. I'll take what I can get. Dear cornea, please grow back now, kthx.

Second, stayed up until three am last night watching the first series of Wire in the Blood. Yeah, I'm in love. And I'm also totally hooked on the idea of Robson Green playing Solomon Todd, now, which works out well, because I have been wanting to make a Todd icon. So I can have two for the priceof one.

Third, yesterday I was solicited for a proposal for a YA SF novel with lesbians (yay!), so I have a kind of secrit project going. Being me, of course, I can't exactly manage to keep is secret, though there is no guarantee it will sell and I can't tell you who it's for--but anyway, sometime this fall, I'll be producing fifty pages and a synop on the Heroic Hookers Of The Steampunk West (a book I have been wanting to write for a while, so yay!) envisioned as a YA novel.


This is me smiling.

Fourth, today was entirely devoted to work on the next episode of Shadow Unit, Holly Black's "Not Alone," and now that I have seen it in a somewhat completed form I can tell you it is going to be awesome. Where by awesome, of course, I mean appalling. And, well. See icon.

Todd always knows what to say.

Anyway, I blew off climbing today (it was sort of a collective blow off, what hey) and got my part of that done.

And now I am going to have a glass of wine (okay, a second glass of wine, on top of the two pots of tea consumed earlier) and I am going to fall over for a while.

Eye doctor appointment tomorrow evening (hopefully he will tell me some good news), and other than that I think I'm declaring the rest of this week TIME OFF, as I appear to have written some 11,000 words in the past week.

Honeydew list for the rest of whenever:

  • Write Grail

  • Write a proposal for The Heroic Hookers Of The Old West (now! with steampunk teenaged protagonists!) and hey, maybe even think of a title for it

  • Revise The White City and its attendant chapbook, which might be called The Forty Times Forty. Or might not. (See, part of the structural problem is that I accidentally write both of them entwined with each other, and have to cut them apart now because they turn otu not to make one story after all.)

  • Write A Reckoning of Men

  • Write Shadow Unit s3

  • Maybe write The Steles of the Sky if it sells, or do some more work on it to send back out if it doesn't.

  • Continue working on Smile

  • Schizohrenic levitation time travel vignette secret project thingy

  • Space opera thingy

  • Vampirism thingy

  • Singularity Rent novel

See above, sell some books before I starve.

Right. Where's that wine now? Oh, right, have to let the dog out first and feed these starving cats before they eat each other or else maybe me.


(oh, and it;s the end of episode two, series one. Ahem.)
Ah, yes .. nekid, manacles, strappado ... hmmm, I think I've just confirmed the next set of books destined for alleviating cross-trainer boredom! :)

Oh yes, we can do sleuthy-type stuff quite well - village-bobby type stuff a la Inspector Morse, but the procedural stuff seems to strain the capacity of most TV directors. It needs to move a lot faster than our directors are used to, where we can do the slower, detailed, atmospheric stuff okay. The only other series that managed it was a 2 season run called Murder City, starring Amanda Donohoe and Kris Marshall (the tall lanky youth from Love Actually who comes back with Denise Richards in tow). That actually got it right. Not quite as smooth as the best US-produced stuff, but it had a decent pace and got on with it. And incidentally only available on NTSC format DVD in any case, lol! But worth a look if you're browsing ... cos I know how much time you have to get addicted to new series ... *g*