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bear by san

February 2017



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criminal minds garcia the love

i was carried to ohio in a swarm of bees

I'm writing book reviews and essays today so there won't be much blogging, but here, have something lovely--

Sandra McDonald's Periodic Table of Women in SFF

Nonexhaustive and there are several things about it that make me smile. Not the least of which is that I am a little sniffly to be included in such company.

Those are some hell-raisin' ladies on there.

Speaking of blogging, I'm brainstorming ways to get more process discussion back in this space. It's really what the blog is for, all dog pictures and harrowing caving stories aside, and I'd like to get back to my roots and talk about some writing if I can.


Also this related video, which includes additional awesome women:

Subject line love. I've had the new National album on heavy rotation the last few weeks. They'll be here in Columbus in August and I expect a big reaction to Bloodbuzz Ohio!
I saw that periodic table yesterday and was delighted to find both you and Emma there!
as a halfway step, you could talk about writing dog stories :D That would give both more process writing _and_ more dog stories. Everybody wins. Twice!
More process/writing posts would make me very happy. Not that I think you or anyone else should be required to instruct me for free, but I've learned a lot from the things you've already written, and also from many other writers who take the time to describe what they do and have learned and don't do and haven't learned.
Speaking of swarms, not too long ago there was a multi vehicle highway accident here in Minneapolis. One of 'em was a semi carrying 17 million bees.
If you are looking for suggestions, do a monthly poll for writing topics. Offer 10 and take the top 4 or 5, enough to cover a month of once a week posts which might include homework for those who wish to do it.

Maybe you capture the results and talk about them for those who are willing to be critiqued. So you end up with a once a week Topic with homework and perhaps later that week a review of some of the dos and dont's.

Think of it as E-Bear's Summer Half-ass Writing Camp!

I don't have time or energy to do public critiques, frankly. And it's not my schtick. And there's wayyyyy too much potential for hard feelings in that.

And the problem I am having is not repeating myself endlessly. My learning curve has flattened out a lot, and traditionally I've blogged about stuff as I am figuring it out.

if you look back through the archives, you'll find a lot of old posts, however.
I'd long suspected your noble nature. Now we have proof.
I am stable and resistant to bonding!

This will come as a shock to nobody.
*Those are some hell-raisin' ladies on there.*

And you thought you weren't invited to the party? ;-)
Now I feel a need to describe the stories I want to see as chemical compounds. Obviously I am partial to EbBu, but while their formation would be improbable, UEb or BuL would have fantastic amounts of potential energy, and... etc. etc.
Isn't it cool? I should have gotten a copy. I was glad to see you there.
And glad to see "U" for Ursula--just U. There is only one U.
And E for Carol. Yes.
Ah. I missed that. She IS that important, though it may take a while yet before the masses catch on. They did eventually with Tiptree.