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bear by san

February 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

is there an ap for that?

Symptoms may include muscle fatigue, pain, tiredness, weakness--

The post-novel ennui is weird, this time out. It's manifesting as physical tiredness rather than can't-brain. So while I know I should be dragging myself out for more exercise, it's just not happening. My calves hurt. How ridiculous is that? As if writing novels were climbing stairs.


But I did write 1000 words on the novella last night. Today, I'd like to write a thousand more, and a thousand pages of the novel. And I have a whole pile of beets to can or pickle... and I might make borscht with some of them. Also, I need to eat a lot of salad.

I know, thrilling, right?

Off to scrub beets!


Okay, well, these days when I say "recipe" I tend to be thinking "list of ingredients." Too much time at the farmers' market going "huh, that looks good today."

I don't think beets are in season here anyway--at least, I didn't see any on Friday.
Whatever vegetables need using, onions, beets, beef, beef stock, lots of garlic and dill, paprika and bay leaf--you can roast the beets or not, chop or shred them, make a side batch of beet water to add back in to the stock for additional color at the end....

Yanno, I bet my problem with beets is "never enough garlic." I'll keep this in mind, thanks.
Or maybe you just dislike beets! It's okay.
But they have all the characteristics of the root-vegs I love! I want to figure out why I've taken against them. Brain = puzzle.
They have a very strong flavor which some people do not like.
But I like other flavors that are similar to that one. And the part where they're purple is probably having its effect on my wanting to like them, too.
Have you tried them roasted? Very easy: Get some beets. Trim off the tops, leaving a small amount of stem. Scrub under running water. Dry. Rub with olive or canola oil. Heat oven to very hot, around 425 F. Line roasting pan with foil to help with clean-up. Put beets in pan. Put pan in oven. Roast until you can easily insert a sharp knife. Let cool just enough to handle, then peel and eat.

If you don't mind the mess, you can peel them before roasting, but your hands will be stained red.

This method of cooking also works well with a mix of root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and beets. Red, white, orange: pretty as well as yummy.

Also: Try small beets as opposed to large ones. They're sweeter and milder in flavor.

For a handful of delicious ways to prepare beets, search out a copy of Greens Glorious Greens! by Johnna Albi and Catherine Walthers. I'm particularly fond of their recipe for Balsamic Beets and Beet Greens.

Edited to add: Here's a link to the recipe on Google Books: http://books.google.com/books?id=4Cn-zovYl0IC&dq=Albi+%22Greens+Glorious+Greens!%22&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=en&ei=g7FVTKD9EsH-8Aaa07CwBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CC8Q6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

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There is never enough garlic, ever. Well, I don't really want garlic icecream, but short of that, there can never be too much garlic :P