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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

i've been the thorn. i've been the hunt.

I'm grimly accumulating wordcount this morning (if I get 3K today, I will have 1/10 of a book!) and I have a Moss Troll Problem.

So: Horsey people on my internets: I need a term for perlino and for cremello horses in a world without Spanish. I have a very horse-savvy culture (think Fauxsacks and Nongols) with 64* sacred colors of horses, and they uinderstand the (practical aspects) of coat color genetics pretty well. (An impossible perlino colt is a plot point, you see.) 

Obviously, one of those colors is "Ghost," but what is other? If I say "ghost-bay," and "ghost-sorrel," will that be enough of a clue to horsey people what I'm talking about? (I can describe the color, for non-horsey people.)

There will be a brief pause while I figure out what the 64 sacred colors are... fortunately, horses come in an awful lot of fucking colors. And I can divide them into eight groups of 8.

*Horses** have four legs, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and two teats.

**And by horse, the Nongols mean 'mare.'


What do you mean by "consider"? Have you gone looking for resources on privilege and why words hurt and mean things?

Why should we turn horrible things into banalities? When these words enter common parlance, we tend to forget the horrible history. For example, "gypped." Many people are completely ignorant of the fact that this a reference to gypsies, the Roma people, and it's an ethnic slur. People forget the Roma even exist. And that's a very, very bad thing. We casually use the word in conversation - and the Roma are still systematically discriminated against and targeted for violence. How has making their experiences commonplace helped?

The idea of "political correctness" being a bad thing is a reflection of privilege. People have told you that the word is harmful, and rather than accept their experience - that you have done a harm - you've essentially said that they're being oversensitive. That's just adding another injury.