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sf sapphire and steel winning

April 2016



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genuine risk

the fish are flying freely

via mac_stone, an amazing pony:


Gorgeous! Sent the link on to my daughter, the horse nut.
Beautiful. All animals dance. All animals speak. We humans are sometimes able to communicate with them through movement and sound - lucky us.
The horse is an angel. The rider, and the training methods... not so much.

And I say this as someone who has loved and followed and trained in European dressage since 1983.
OMG - I had goosebumps watching that. I rode dressage for ten years, until life got in the way. There's a magic to it that is just so entrancing.

Of course, I never got to that level and never rode a horse that looked like it was about to fly.

Thank you.
The presence of this horse/rider combination is enough to sell-out dressage competitions all over Europe ever since they broke the record score in the Kur a couple of times.
My understanding is that their presence has pretty much sold out the Dressage event in Lexington at the WEG, as well, and they're the clear favorites.

Steffan Peters and Ravel may offer some competition, and I've seen Tina Konyot and Calecto V mentioned as a pair to watch, too. The first half of the Grand Prix was today, the top 30 riders from today and tomorrow will move into the Grand Prix Special, beginning Wednesday.
Why is it that watching horses move like this makes me cry? It's like listening to someone with an outstanding voice or reading an amazing bit of writing -- that always chokes me up too. I think it's just the incredible impossibility of the beauty.

Thanks for sharing this.