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April 2016



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naturally honesttessagratton wrote
on January 28th, 2011 at 06:28 pm

Thank you for giving me a word for this. It is helping me clarify a lot of my thinking at the moment. Auctorial construct is so much more precise (and encompassing) than terms like "online persona" since it does (somehow) manage to expand beyond the internet.

I'm just starting out on this trip as A Public Figure, with my online fiction site having sold an anthology and my debut novel releasing in May. My immediate peers (which I would define as authors with debut novels released in the past year and the future year or so) and I talk about the seeds of perception and projection, and even directly constructing (or attempting to construct) our "online personas" with the understanding that this auctorial construction WILL happen, and is there any possible way to shape it? Do we even WANT to try and shape it? Where is the line between what I'm purposefully projecting and who I believe I am?

Sometimes it makes me feel manipulative and/or dishonest, which I don't want to be, but coming into this fannish online world of extremes and judgment I also really like the idea of knowing where the dividing line is between who I am and who people think I am.

It might be impossible, but I need language like this, like auctorial construct, as I move forward.

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