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February 2016



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criminal minds reid mathematicsmatociquala wrote
on January 28th, 2011 at 12:51 pm

every ripple on the ocean. every leaf on every tree.

Huh, right, I need to buy a protractor.

I have finally finished the algebra books (Practical Algebra: a Self-Teaching Guide, by Peter Selby and Steve Slavin, and a for-dummies workbook I didn't use all that much.) , and am now embarking upon geometry and trig. I remember loving geometry; I hope I still do. I am using these two books: Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: a Self-Teaching Guide, by Peter H. Selby, and Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell, by George F. Simmons. I find it's nice to have two books, and the internets, because often when one confuses me the other(s) will clarify. I also have a copy of an Algebra II book I mean to go over once I am done with these, and another precalculus text.

I am pleased to note that by the end of the algebra book, I was actually starting to have an intuitive feel for how distance and mixture equations actually did what they did.

Plan for the rest of the day: Math, then rock climbing, then guitar practice, then a whole bunch of catching up on Flashpoint.

Now, about those triangles....

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