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April 2016



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phil ochs troubador

come in, i said.

Today's minor guitar triumph: through the age-old tactic of practicing chord changes while watching TV, I think I've nailed down the fingering on that E5 that was troubling me. That feels like success! Next trck, strum pattern. Which keeps going cattywumpus on me when I try to sing.


My bad singing always messes up my playing. Am actually working on Cohen's Hallelujah.
If my voice ever quits being wonky, I do okay with Hallelujah. Although I can only sometimes find that high C.

Of course, kd lang bails on it, so I can't feel TOO bad.
Love that song (making me, er, not completely unique, I know).

I've heard a number of professional and "amateur" renditions, enjoyed nearly all of them, and it strikes me that what it takes to pull it off is something other than a conventionally "good" performance. Cohen himself isn't an opera singer by a long shot. The song seems to be willing to tolerate quite a bit of this and that, including shifting around to fit into the performer's range if they do it with any skill at all. But it has to be done with conviction, or something (which is a step back from what that does to the sound, but I don't have a clear conception of what's going on at the sound level to make it work).

Anyway, for what's in a lot of ways not an easy song, I find I enjoy a remarkably high percentage of the versions I hear, which is at least good for me.
Heh. I used to read while doing clarinet exercises.
Cattywumpus is an awesome word.
Cool deal! That's what I've been doing this evening while Jaime's at work--guitar, TV, in between reading fiction.

If it'll help, here's my fave online site that list all the possible chords for guitar. More chords than either of us will probably ever use, but what they hey. I find it comes in handy. *g*

Aww, Frank. Hi, Frank.
I can almost never sing along with my playing unless it has a definite "Boom-chick" in the chords, where my thumb gets the bass and the rest of my hand gets the top notes. Hence, every song I sing is a country song, unless it's in 3/4 and goes "Boom-chick-chick".

(It is better than just four straight strums to the bar, which I've also done.)

If this is still "Shelter From The Storm," I've never gotten the strum right, and sometimes just do one chord per bar and let them ring. I am baffled how Dylan can combine the singing with the strum pattern. Then again, Dylan inspires bafflement at every turn.
I always get stuck on three chord patterns for days on end, sometimes even foresaking scale practice (gasp), the only good news being that I occassionally shake it up with a different strum pattern. I don't sing when I play guitar, because I am a much worse singer than guitarist. :)
I am very bad about scales. Very, very bad.