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sf sapphire and steel winning

April 2016



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writing shadow unit reyes alpha

and we dance to the turkish song of the damned

E-Books for all three existing seasons of Shadow Unit are now available through Barnes & Noble.

Kindle versions to follow.

Season 4 commences this month at: http://www.shadowunit.org

In which Things Have Changed. And are not likely to Stop Changing.


Any chance of getting them on Kobo? (BN's ebooks don't work on my Kobo...maybe something to do with being in Canada?)
These should work on any platform except Kindle, if we did it right.
Cool. Thanks!
Oooh... I know what I'm buying.


Just in time for my vacation!
Hopefully they'll show up on Smashwords soon, so I can add them to the first three on my Sony Reader.
Do you know yet whether you'll be able to make them available in dead tree versions--POD or something similar? I have several friends and relatives who "won't read something that long on-line," and when I first saw the covers I was hoping I might be able to get them something for the holidays.
We plan to try.
Season 4 -- in which the writers torture their characters some more. All the same, I can't wait to see more of them.
When will you have ebooks for the non-existent seasons? We know they exist... somewhere. Somehow.
The WTF Network's lawyers say the Space-Time Convention of 2903 prohibits it.
Now I am confused, because I already bought (and loaded up and read) all three seasons on my Kindle, weeks ago. Are there different versions or something?
That was just season 1. *g* Divided into three parts.
Season 4! Woo hoo!

I can catch up! While I commute!
As soon as we manage to get Amazon to behave.