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April 2016



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sleeping three people in one armchair

Wet hair and a shower curtain:

2011 09 06 daily commute 002

And a nice view of my diastema!

But the important thing is--first turtleneck of the year. I was actually cold at the start of my run this morning. YES!

2011 09 06 daily commute 003

tea today: the last of the coconut chai that coffeeem sent. That's sugar-free tapioca, if you were wondering. It's slightly better than it sounds.
teacup today: Shadow Unit

And now, words and more words


So pretty!
Hee, my grandmother taught me how to spit through MY diastema. :-D
I can get ten feet. *g*
I am filled with turtleneck envy. But I am taking joy in us getting down to two-digit lows. For a whole week, according to the forecast! Exciting!
I have the same exact shower curtain in the downstairs shower. ;-)
Cooled down nicely here as well. Was 54 when I got to work this morning. And only 69 now.
I love that mug... really. It is me in the morning, for at least an hour.

And big hooray for turtleneck weather! I'm contemplating a sweater today, and actually wearing shoes and socks (instead of just my sandals).

But I don't see that mug in the Cafe Press store...

It's one of the s3 limited edition ones, IIRC.
COLD! Wow. I am so gonna miss New England autumns this year. Washington stage is gorgeous, but they don't have much of a Fall.
It's chilly and gorgeous.
ENVY. <-