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bear by san

February 2017



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true blood lafayette god save

just close your eyes dear

I have a headcold, and yes, I finished chapter 16 of Shattered Pillars today, but I should have kept working on chapter 17.

Instead, I'm drinking slivovitz and setting up a tumblr account.

This can only end well, right?

Anyway, I have the ask-a-question thingy activated, so if there was anything you wanted to know, here's your chance.

Also, that boy I like has a new story out today, and there's a link to an excerpt.


Mmm, slivovitz. Nasdravye!
I'm told the Russians have a cold remedy made with vodka liberally laced with cayenne pepper. Your nose runs like a faucet but you could care less. Your slivovitz treatment sounds much more humane. Na zdrowie!

"Ain’t That Something, they called it, because the gods need places to point at and laugh."

Da-yum, this chile got some serious chops.

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Thank cod he can write. Things would be awkward, otherwise.
Do your "genres" overlap? or does he go in different direction than you?
Well, we both write fantasy and science fiction, and we both seem to have a thing for thriller/caper plots....
Hmmm. I shall have to search out some of the ovre of TBYL. That little taste on the link you gave above was intriguing. Be interesting to see what would result if he had a run at a Shadow Unit episode. . . . Right now, I'm about thigh deep in Laurie R. King's take on a 60-year-old Sherlock Holmes and his apprentice. Finished the first two and am on the third. So many books, so little time. . . .