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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

it's 106 miles to chicago

Well, it's about that time. I know this is really what you come to this livejournal for: the mad glamour of the last-minute deadline crunch.

There's three or five chapters of the Shattered Pillars rewrite left to get through, and it might be time to start the rampant self-abuse portion of finishing the book. Because while I am terribly avoidant and would rather be doing anything else in the world, the book still steadfastly refuses to write itself. Even though I know everything that has to happen between here and the end.

The floor is swept, the counters are wiped, and did I mention I made a tumblr thingy? I'm out of excuses.

And since my plans for this weekend canceled themselves and I'm still too sick to be doing much of anything but sitting on the sofa, this seems like a very good time to knuckle down and kill me a submission draft.

So here we go. My schedule is clear, my head is stuffy, the dog is asleep on his blanket in the sun, and it's time to get into that altered state of consciousness and turn this sucker's pockets out. Shattered Pillars dies this week.

With my draft, or on it.

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 0
Microsoft words/Pages total: 85,709/419
Manuscript words total: 104,750
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 0
Sustenance: Chobani passionfruit yogurt
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton peach with flowers black tea
Tea cup: Earthbound arts GIANT TEA BOWL
Alcohol: --
Dancing: --
Sleep: --
Exercise: --
Mean things: -- 
Darling: --
words Word don't know: --
Tyop: --

104750 / 120000 words. 87% done!

Baby need a new pair of shoes.
2012 01 29 daily commute 001


Go baby go! I just read the ARC of the first book and I really liked it, but now I need to know how it all ends!

I declare "tea cub" your tyop of the day.
Good luck. Channel that inner kitten and hang in there.



I just flashed on a mental image of Stephen King's The Long Walk - there's Bear, bloody and exhausted, slogging along on her sore little feet while we vultures line both sides of the road stomping and cheering and the faceless soldiers follow behind, ready to shoot her if she stops.

Gee, that wasn't creepy, huh? Sorry about that - on Sunday mornings my brain squirrels always seem to sprout fangs and talons.

Hang in there. Know you have our support.

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OH THE GLAMOUR! Why, when said like that, does it sound so eerily similar to OH THE HORROR! #ScribeIssues
A writing career. Because I loved homework and cramming so much?
"Yep," he says as he types a French paper and prepares to knock down another 15 pages of a screenplay.
Sweet Tumblr! I hadn't known about Boy and Bear. Great song!
Radio Paradise brings all good things.
Is that Frances Hodges Burnett "The Secret Garden"?