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bear by san

March 2017



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Library Journal review of Range of Ghosts. I think they liked it!

After the death of Mongke Khagan, the heirs to the Khaganate of the steppes went to war. Defeated by his cousin, the rightful heir Temur flees, joining a caravan of refugees headed toward mountains known as the Range of Ghosts. Adopted into the Tsareg tribe, Temur plans revenge while avoiding sorcerous attempts on his own life. When his path crosses that of the wizard Samarkar, a former princess who seeks her independence, Temur realizes that they can help each other-and perhaps save the world from dark forces that could tear it apart. Bear, winner of the 2005 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, a 2006 Locus Award for Hammered, and two Hugo Awards for short fiction, creates a vivid, multicultural world reminiscent of Eurasia during the 12th and 13th centuries, after the death of Genghis Khan dissolved an empire that included the Mongols, Tatars, and Chinese. Her characters possess depth of feeling as well as political acumen, bringing a personal element to a broad-scale epic fantasy.

VERDICT Fans of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series should welcome this gracefully told tale of war, political intrigue, and personal drama. Highly recommended.


Congratulations on a great review!
Everyone likes it! :P
Woo hoo!!!
You win at Book!
Hello. :-)

I'm delurking here to congratulate you on this review - Range of Ghosts definitely sounds like something I want to read - and to ask a question: which of your novels are available as ebooks in the UK, and where? I've looked everywhere I can think of, but can only find the four books of The Promethian Age series, which I've read (and loved).
You know, I don't know the answer to that question. It all depends on if anybody has licensed the UK ebook rights: I would be perfectly happy to sell those, but as I currently have no UK publishers...

Sorry I can't be of more use to you. (I like selling rights! It's how I make my living!)
Ah well. It's not often people are desperate to buy something and nobody's willing to sell it to them, but I guess that's the case at the moment for everyone outside the US with a lot of ebooks, including, it appears, most of yours. I suppose I'll just have to live with the print versions for a while longer, or be patient until publishers etc sort out the whole territorial rights mess. I'll just keep on clicking the "gimme the damn ebook now!" button on UK bookseller websites wherever I see it. :-)
I believe the ebook version of RoG, at least, should come out from Macmillan's UK arm, since they seem to be doing a release under separate imprint there.

(and thank you! this is one of those places where readers have power.)
Can't wait to read it!
The book IS made of pure win - nice that others are recognizing it.

Heck, it kept me up past 9 pm - quit the accomplishment these days. :-)
Like the GRR Martin tie-in.

It's a good book. May people go forth and buy it!
I like that victory. :-)
That is an awesome review - congrats!
- D