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bear by san

February 2017



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writing eternal sky rog

they cannot move you and no one tries.

It's book day! Range of Ghosts is all like, launched and stuff!

Brit Mandelo's review at Tor.com. SPOILERS!

Paul Weimer's review at SF Signal.

And look what scott_lynch made for me!

You can obtain Range of Ghosts at many fine bookstores, or order it online here:


Powell's *** Mysterious Galaxy *** Google Play *** Barnes & Noble *** Chapters/Indigo *** Amazon UK *** Science Fiction Book Club *** Amazon

I will be celebrating Book Day by working feverishly on Sunday's Shadow Unit episode and then going climbing.


Having already ordered the book (Happy Book Day!), I feel I can safely go, "Ooo! New Shadow Unit?!?"
Oh my. That is truly a gorgeous cover.
Gloriously happy Book Day! I have it on my (too large) TBR pile and want to dive into it v. Soon, marmots or no.
Happy Book Day!,,
Happy book day! That's an awesome cover... and a wonderful book! I loved the e-ARC and am already eagerly awaiting publication of book 2. ;-)
Happy Book Day! Also, I <3 the conflicted marmot. =)
Wow, awesome reviews - congratulations! I am definitely going to get this one as soon as I can put some extra money on my debit card for Amazon...it sounds amazing.
Bah! It's not out here yet!
No worries, it should be here soon enough, and it's a book that seems well enough worth waiting for.
you won the cover wars!
Yay! book day and climbing later. I remember you having to lay off climbing (bummer) for a while because of an injury (double bummer). Glad everything is all better now and you can climb again.
I wrote a squeeful review / rec post: here on dw, here on lj.
Thank you!

ETA: One good icon deserves another.

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