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February 2017



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skateboards. i've almost made them respectable.

Hey guys guess what?!

My Another Word column ("Dear Speculative Fiction, I'm Glad We Had This Talk") is live at Clarkesworld.

Today is Book Day for the audio version of Range of Ghosts. Narrated by the awesome Celeste Ciulla, it's available via iTunes and at Audible.com.

Meanwhile, the eleventh Shadow Unit ebook is out.

It contains "The Small Dark Movie of Your Life" by Leah Bobet, "Walking Back To Houston" by Chelsea Polk, "Bulletproof" by Emma Bull, "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Sarah Monette, and more, and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for only $2.99, and at other major ebook sellers soon.

The first volume is only 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Or you can read all the stories free at Shadow Unit. Just check out Episodes or Getting Started.


Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed _Range of Ghosts_. It's been a long time since I've been able to just get lost in a big fat fantasy novel. I blame overexposure to David Eddings as a child. :-)

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Thank you very much!
(Shadow Unit: eeeeeee...!)

How predictable that the comments on the Clarkesworld piece immediately raise up a bunch of "humorous" writers. Look guys, it's not "dark bad, humor good," it's about *balance*. (*wanders off grumbling about how Firefly has lost all its darkness in the popular consciousness, except to be castigated for it occasionally.*)
Well, it's more about not privileging dark and gritty over other stuff to the point of exclusivity. Because yo.
Yeah, that. (Words, I has them today. Sometimes the ones I use even mean the things I intend them to.)

I never had much interest in watching BSG once someone told me that its characters never cracked wise at their own expense, never made any gallows-humor jokes about the situation in which they found themselves. It's not just depressing, it's unrealistic, as anyone who's been in a sufficiently stressful or life-threatening situation can attest. The release of tension of cracking wise is how we stay alive.
I enjoyed Range of Ghosts. I am sorry that I started the series in the middle and torn about obtaining The Steles of the Sky (even though I feel I ought to get a wet noodle and strike you on the wrist with it about that title). I'm torn because I really should not be spending more money on books. I have an ambulatory conscience named Gail who points this out to me.
The good news is, Range of Ghosts is the first in the series. *g* Steles of the Sky is third and not yet written.

Shattered Pillars is second, and comes out next year.

(You prefer Stelae of the Sky?)
Ah, I see. I'd thought from something you'd written a while back that Steles of the Sky was the first book of the series. Foolish of me. I'm looking forward to Shattered Pillars.

Yes, I would have preferred Stelæ of the Sky. That's because it fits my sense of the language better. Steles gives me a crawling sensation at the back of my head (I'm not sure how else to describe the sensation of having my Sprachgefühl irritated). You're writing as you see fit, however, not as I see fit. That's as it should be.
I admit, I too would have slightly preferred Stelae--but I went for the pun. Also, I thought Yer Average American would find it slightly less intimidating.

And I'm cheating using it at all, in a world with no Greece, so I went for the less-Greek-looking of the two standard plurals. It's an English word now, after all.

(Likewise, "octopodes." I tend to use "octopuses," because this is English and we do unto loan words as all languages do.)

Originally, the first book was titles Steles of the Sky, and then the series was, and finally it shook out in the current order. The problem with needing titles for three books and a series is... needing titles for three books and a series. *g*


"the sensation of having my Sprachgefühl irritated"

is my new favorite phrase.

Re: p.s.

I am Bene Gesserit. I exist only to serve.
Shadow Unit 11!!!?!?!?!


I shall go home and purchase it tonight.

I like purchasing it and reading it on my Nook.


Thanks for the great good news.
You are very welcome.

Thank you for reading!
Sprachgefühl. I wondered what that was that goes all tingly when I encounter a delicious new word or phrase such as that. A tip of the kudo to you, sir.