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bear by san

February 2017



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writing plot octopus

are we here?

I've been threatening these for a while...

...and I think the time is ripe.

 Because as we all know, women don't write science fiction. As many a man who was staring at my chest has thoughtfully informed me, over the years....

Available on a variety of women's shirts from my Cafe Press store.


The very INSTANT I have money again, I'm getting one!
Love the eyeballs
I need one.
I want one. Maybe even before Armadillo Con....
Of course, writing small-print messages on your chest is a good way to get me to look elsewhere . . .

LOL -- of course, putting a pair of EYES on your chest could get some glances at your chest -- male or otherwise!
The women's shirts don't fit me :-(
They have plus-sized ones! Up to 3X!
I know. They don't fit, and ride up horrendously. Not actual woman-shaped at all.
Crud! I have that problem with the men's shirts--they do not accommodate my hips and boobs, and therefor I have to buy them two sizes too big or be strangled.

I shall add a guy's style or two post-haste.
My daughter Fiona, who has an amazing figure that tends to rivet male attention (size 0, but with DD breasts), wears a T-shirt with this on it science fiction conventions. She finds it extremely helpful:

I like the blue spokesplanarian.
If you put words over your breasts, I will look at them!

As to the existence of women SF writers -- how do people become so ignorant? I've known about them since, oh, probably when I was 9 or so. Norton, L'Engle, and LeGuin were very important quite early to me. Not to say they weren't disadvantaged; quite probably they were. But they clearly existed! And Brackett, and McCaffrey, and Zenna Henderson, and Wilmar Shiras, and C. J. Cherryh, and many others. They were important to the field! They existed!
'Existed' Past tense? Women writers exist! And have done since at least — goes to look up the date of publication of Frankenstein — 1818.

Have I walked into a conversation already well in progress?
"Were" important to the field? C.J. Cherryh is still very much alive and kicking -- and writing.
Today it's ludicrous to pretend there aren't important women in the field, and a lot of mid-list women, and a lot of low-end writers who are women. (Quite possibly still disadvantaged, but THERE in quantity and quality and volume and awards, THERE!) I'm pointing out that in fact there were very important female writers in the field going back a long time.

I think you may be missing the point

How often, and for how long will you be looking in that direction? Personally, I read a shirt once, quickly then go back to looking whoever it is in the eye.

Re: I think you may be missing the point

Yeah, I don't think I'm actually a problem on the chest-ogling front. Still, I'm a bit amused by people objecting to people staring at their chests putting words there as a way to discourage it. It probably works out fine in the long run.
Very fine.
(I've always rather wanted one saying 'I have the interesting PhD, not my breasts.')

That is...

...a very odd looking nose.
Yeah. Good call. I'll be wanting one of those.

Rumor has it there's a CafePress package waiting for me at home.