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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

you may be lord of half the world; you'll not own me as well.

I am finally in that stage of missing the Complaint Department where pictures of other people's cats just kill me.

And it's a particularly fine cat day on the internets.


*sad smile*
I know exactly where you are. Here's hoping they will soon bring you joy once more.
I used to go to a friends bookstore and pet the shop cat when I was between cats.
Oh, no. Somehow I missed that news - sorry to hear it.
I am sorry. That sucks. <3
Hugs, yes.
I missed the news; have (long range, virtual) hugs -- losing an elderly cat really sucks horribly.
I only knew the Complaint Department through your posts, but I can understand the hole left from the loss. An impressive personality, even long-distance.
I hear you.
I am sorry - I missed the news, too. We've just lost ours.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.

I also missed the news. I have greatly enjoyed the Complaint Department's conversations with you over the years. She was a very special cat.
Awww. E-hugs, kid. I know the feeling. I still miss my cat Benny and he's been gone 13 years. I suppose one day you'll wake up and it's a little easier.
This past week, a blog friend lost her beloved Dalmation aged 13 years, her companion through children grown, divorce survived, circumstances changed, and I think of my own losses. Yeah. For such small creatures, they enrich our lives in so many amazing and unexpected ways, and leave such a big empty hole when they go.
She's on my list of Friends I Have Lost In the Last Few Years.
So sorry to hear the news. We still miss our guys, even though it's over a year and we have some new kitties in our lives as well.
I missed the news too, and I am so sorry. I remember that stage from Khaavren. *hugs*

I'm sorry... I know how it goes.
I lost my oldest cat June 21. Getting the tax notification from the county in mid-July ... that wasn't a fun day. I still miss her.

I still can't read about other people losing their pets.
I'm so sorry.