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bear by san

February 2017



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it's the sickness of an america where nobody is clean

I just ate half of this for dessert:

Yes, that's a tomato roughly the size and shape of a human heart. It's my job to think about these things.

For the record, it was a Russian Orange tomato, and it was delicious. Sweet and mild, with a velvety texture almost like a persimmon. It's not going in the ranks of my absolute favorites, where the Paul Robesons and gigantic German Striped tomatoes dwell... but damn, that was a fine tomato.

I also had a tiny little Garden Peach tomato this morning. It was as translucent as a gooseberry, and fuzzy on the outside. My life was sad before I knew how good a proper tomato could be. Even a garden-grown Beefsteak has nothing on these guys.

I'm not a fan of the heat of summer, but the things it brings to the table--peaches and plums and cherries and raspberries and blueberries, tomatoes, the first Ginger Gold apples... those make me a happy and well-fed bear.

My heart still belongs to autumn, and the Macoun and Stayman apples. But summer gives it a run. Especially since we found a teeny tiny brown tree frog in one of the foundation shrubs this morning. It had such minuscule fingers!


That is one seriously cool tomato.

Here, the Gravenstein apple tree has borne many, many apples the size of that tomato. I don't think I've seen Gravensteins run this big before, and the baby Grimes Golden has huge apples on it as well. This spring was perfect for flowering, pollenation and frost...our last hard frost came after fruit had already set. Not always that lucky.

Alas, our tomatoes suck. Too much cool PNW summer, not enough heat. They are running slow to ripen. So I am virtually enjoying your tomato--thank you so much for sharing the pic.
We get just enough heat in New England for good tomatoes, and it was a disgustingly hot spring and summer, so they are extra good thus year.

One small recompense for 105 degrees and humid.