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bear by san

March 2017



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jarts: internet lawn defense league

halfway down the stairs is the stair where i sit

I woke up this morning irritated by everything, but especially the "fake geek girl" meme, the dearth of female characters in epic fantasy, and Objectivist/ev-psych claptrap.

You would be proud of me. Rather than taking out my frustrations by picking fights on the internets (well, okay, there was a little bitching on twitter, and this blog post last night over at the Wordpress blog) I went out and applied my belligerence to our &^%(*^%*&^% 2/3rds of an acre of lawn. (We have a tiny little 20" push mower. It's a workout.)

End result: lawn mowed, my exercise for the day accomplished, multiple funnel-web spiders discommoded (poor things), and 0 slapfights engaged in. *throws horns*

Yesterday I ran 7.6 miles in 85 minutes, which is an accomplishment. It would have been closer to 82 minutes, but I had to walk up part of a hill. I consumed half a bag of lemon energy chews and a bottle of Sobe in the process, and determined that my cheap-ass water carrier works better than expected. I don't recognize the me that uses such consumer tchotchkes, but a little carbohydrate along the way really did seem to help.

So that was worth 1100 calories.

Best features of the run included a blue heron, a calico kitty, and a metalhead walking along the sidewalk playing air guitar to his headphones. Rock on, metalhead.


You are mighty! Lemon energy chews sound like things that could be useful in Chicago next weekend.
Really, the only time they're useful is when you're engaged in fairly strenuous exercise for a long period of time. They're nothing but sugar and gelatin.

They're easily transportable simple carbs, essentially, designed to keep your blood sugar from crashing.

I should probably just get Swedish Fish. Cheaper, and taste better.
So, something to get me home from the long walk with the dog when I've not eaten enough in the day to make for an enjoyable trip back (which I've done to myself all too often recently).
Also probably a bad choice for that--you'd be better with something with some protein and nutritional value, in that case--a no-saturated-fat protein bar, for example.

These things will just cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, unless you have been doing something to seriously deplete your muscle glycogen. Like running for an hour and a half.
Got it. Thanks for the info!
No problem.

(No point in spending the damned money and calories on them when you can just eat candy. ;-) Which is what I should probably be doing.)
Blogging your useful list. Thanx.
My very very partial list. ;-) You're welcome!
a metalhead walking along the sidewalk playing air guitar to his headphones

Alas, he's missed his chance at the World Air Guitar Championship for this year. Next year in Finland...?
'm not sure he was a professional. He seemed to be doing it just for the joy of the morning. ;-)
[gratuitous icon post]
You are correct. I am, in fact, proud of you.

I posted earlier this week about trying to be conscious about when I deal with politics. But that's not the only way in which I'm trying to keep this stuff under control and how I deal with it under control. Because quite often it's a better use of available Mris not just for my sanity but also for my larger goals if I sit down and write some more story than if I fight and rant on the internets.

Sadly one of the things that meant this week was cutting out the tumblr feed of a guy I've known for over a decade, because he was a periodic source of the fighting and ranting on the internets in a way that was just not being productive and not balancing out in the long run. I hate giving up on people. But when you've had the same arguments for over a decade and not made any headway, it's maybe time to go work on a short story and make some cucumber salad instead, y'know?
I'm proud of you.

Ooo, cucumber salad.
Like your list of women. We could make it very, very long.
When I taught medieval lit eons ago I had a special fondness for Marie de France, Christine De Pizan, Heloise, and Margery Kempe. Here are three medieval woman of no "exceptional" upbringing. They were women of their time. Yet, Marie de France wrote some of the most powerful female oriented romances around. Constrained ladies who escape using their powers and knights who are somehow feminized. (keep in mind this is a brief lj post, not a formal paper discussion.) Christine de Pizan taught at university in Paris, supported her family doing so and wrote City of Ladies--possibly one of the earliest feminist eutopias--no men allowed in this city. Her book on chivalry and arms was highly copied but often--this sound familiar?--people couldn't believe that a woman wrote it so her name was left off the copies. Heloise, well, Abelard gets the big news because he was castrated but really? Heloise took a bad situation (she too was highly educated) and became not only a terrific writer but she successfully ran an abbey that became wealthy and grew under her guidance.

Then there's Margery Kempe. I adore Margery but she is not easy to like. She 'wrote the first autobiography in English' (lost except in reference until 1936). She tells stories, weeps for Christ, starts two business and fails, makes a deal with her husband at the crossroads, has 8 children, and travels to Jerusalem at least twice, Germany once, and all over England. She visited Julian of Norwich (female mystic enclosed in the walls of a church), she was brought up on charges of lollardry twice and successfully defended herself. And generally annoyed and delighted people. But beyond that, she makes it clear that she wasn't the only one. Many women traveled to the holy lands, or across England, they started businesses, they talked, visited, worked, had adventures, they did not sit at home waiting for knights to come home or if they did they managed the world around them while the men were gone.</p>

I'll get off the soapbox now. Sometimes I just want to well, you know, mow the lawn.


Thanks for this reply - very interesting to hear about women such as Marie, Christine and Margery.
I left off Sophie Brahe. ;-(

(I finally had to make myself stop adding names. YOU WILL NEVER GET TO THE END, BEAR.)

Yeah, Margery Kempe... not nice, maybe. But then, nether was Samuel Pepys, so why do we judge her for it when we don't judge him?

She was Historically Interesting, nice or not.
I have a quarter-acre and a reel mower. It's good stress relief, and far more productive than taking on the stupid part of the internet.
Nice run! My morning included a 6.9 miler in 73 minutes. The running has become an important element in sanity maintenance. Most of my runs are on trails (lots of hills). Where are you running?
Mostly laps around the tiny Central Massachusetts town I live in. Also lots of hills, though I have found a flatter route. Now the only big hills are on the way home...

Yes. Yoga and running and climbing are my Lithium.
I await the debut of the bear macros with interest.

You tell 'em, E. Bear!. Fuck the frustrationaters!*

* No, seriously.
"You fuck 'em. I've seen 'em." ;-)

Hey, any opportunity for a Rocky Horror callback reference...
And an excellent but short rant that one was--very nice!

Still, I am with you about attacking lawns and not engaging in the slapfights. Right now the netverse seems to be rife with slapfights...late summer heat, oncoming hurricanes or what?

Excellent job with the running. Me, I could never get past six miles without hurting something. Predictable and annoying. Good for you.
Thank you.

I worked up to it really slowly, and suddenly I seem to have cracked a barrier.

I am contemplating a half-marathon.

But I did 8.4 miles today, and I have sportbra chafing in my cleavage. 0.0

So not a thing I reckoned on.
This morning is another of those whereduring I find a post of yours that helps me keep going to yon gym (House of Pain).

No running today, tho'... no apex predator behind me and insufficient caffiene within.
Oooh! Dang, you are mighty!

I was under doctor's orders to avoid anything strenuous for two weeks. I managed a week before the voice of the bicycle, saying, "Aww, c'mon! We won't go very fast, and I promise to miss all the potholes!" lured me away from virtue. Bicycle = <3.
Well, you live someplace REASONABLY flat sorta. Bicycling doesn't have to be strenuous.

(Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to be frustrated by rest.)

(I have a coaster bike and live n Central MA. Really need to get gears put on this thing...)
Yes, on your excellent blog post. There is entirely too much history and not nearly enough herstory. I would think mowing a tall lawn with a push mower would be a better overall workout than vacuuming or sweeping the carport, which is what I have to resort to -- no push mower and no lawn to speak of. Re your music playlist for running, do you have a hard time not running in time with the music? --'cos I sure do.
I figure if I'm running in time to the music, it's more like dancing. And unlike running, I like dancing.

(Actually, I'm kind of starting to not mind running so much*. That only took twenty years.)

*I used to like it as a kid, and then had joint troubles and suspect got conditioned to think running hurts.
Hey there. Xoxoxoxox. You are awesome.
So are you!
I thought of you Friday night! My BFF records "Dogs 101" for me, and we were working through the backlog last night. Watched the ep that included Briards, so I told her about the GRD and co.
Aw. *g*

While you may need it for stupid people on the Internet, if you're ever interested in getting rid of the lawn mower (I had the same exact thing, myself) they're doing some amazing things with No-Mow lawns and sedums these days... mind you, that's pretty climate dependent...

When I have infuriating people on the Internet, I can't sling mulch, because I mutter about them to myself like a crazy person.
We've got a big strip in the back that's not visible from the road. We're letting it go to meadow. It's habitat!
You are mighty, yet again.
No, that's wrong. You're always mighty!