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bear by san

March 2017



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jarts: internet lawn defense league

halfway down the stairs is the stair where i sit

I woke up this morning irritated by everything, but especially the "fake geek girl" meme, the dearth of female characters in epic fantasy, and Objectivist/ev-psych claptrap.

You would be proud of me. Rather than taking out my frustrations by picking fights on the internets (well, okay, there was a little bitching on twitter, and this blog post last night over at the Wordpress blog) I went out and applied my belligerence to our &^%(*^%*&^% 2/3rds of an acre of lawn. (We have a tiny little 20" push mower. It's a workout.)

End result: lawn mowed, my exercise for the day accomplished, multiple funnel-web spiders discommoded (poor things), and 0 slapfights engaged in. *throws horns*

Yesterday I ran 7.6 miles in 85 minutes, which is an accomplishment. It would have been closer to 82 minutes, but I had to walk up part of a hill. I consumed half a bag of lemon energy chews and a bottle of Sobe in the process, and determined that my cheap-ass water carrier works better than expected. I don't recognize the me that uses such consumer tchotchkes, but a little carbohydrate along the way really did seem to help.

So that was worth 1100 calories.

Best features of the run included a blue heron, a calico kitty, and a metalhead walking along the sidewalk playing air guitar to his headphones. Rock on, metalhead.


You are correct. I am, in fact, proud of you.

I posted earlier this week about trying to be conscious about when I deal with politics. But that's not the only way in which I'm trying to keep this stuff under control and how I deal with it under control. Because quite often it's a better use of available Mris not just for my sanity but also for my larger goals if I sit down and write some more story than if I fight and rant on the internets.

Sadly one of the things that meant this week was cutting out the tumblr feed of a guy I've known for over a decade, because he was a periodic source of the fighting and ranting on the internets in a way that was just not being productive and not balancing out in the long run. I hate giving up on people. But when you've had the same arguments for over a decade and not made any headway, it's maybe time to go work on a short story and make some cucumber salad instead, y'know?
I'm proud of you.

Ooo, cucumber salad.