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bear by san

February 2017



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jarts: internet lawn defense league

halfway down the stairs is the stair where i sit

I woke up this morning irritated by everything, but especially the "fake geek girl" meme, the dearth of female characters in epic fantasy, and Objectivist/ev-psych claptrap.

You would be proud of me. Rather than taking out my frustrations by picking fights on the internets (well, okay, there was a little bitching on twitter, and this blog post last night over at the Wordpress blog) I went out and applied my belligerence to our &^%(*^%*&^% 2/3rds of an acre of lawn. (We have a tiny little 20" push mower. It's a workout.)

End result: lawn mowed, my exercise for the day accomplished, multiple funnel-web spiders discommoded (poor things), and 0 slapfights engaged in. *throws horns*

Yesterday I ran 7.6 miles in 85 minutes, which is an accomplishment. It would have been closer to 82 minutes, but I had to walk up part of a hill. I consumed half a bag of lemon energy chews and a bottle of Sobe in the process, and determined that my cheap-ass water carrier works better than expected. I don't recognize the me that uses such consumer tchotchkes, but a little carbohydrate along the way really did seem to help.

So that was worth 1100 calories.

Best features of the run included a blue heron, a calico kitty, and a metalhead walking along the sidewalk playing air guitar to his headphones. Rock on, metalhead.


And an excellent but short rant that one was--very nice!

Still, I am with you about attacking lawns and not engaging in the slapfights. Right now the netverse seems to be rife with slapfights...late summer heat, oncoming hurricanes or what?

Excellent job with the running. Me, I could never get past six miles without hurting something. Predictable and annoying. Good for you.
Thank you.

I worked up to it really slowly, and suddenly I seem to have cracked a barrier.

I am contemplating a half-marathon.

But I did 8.4 miles today, and I have sportbra chafing in my cleavage. 0.0

So not a thing I reckoned on.