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April 2016



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derbytylik wrote
on August 27th, 2012 at 02:55 pm

I've had little luck with compression bras, so it's been encapsulation all the way. Mostly Lunaire's sports bra (I am not a fan of underwire, but it fits better than anything else on the market*) though if I can get the sizing worked out I suspect one of Berlei's Shock Absorbers might do will for me.

The Enell bra also totally fails, which is too bad.

Oh, and I finally fit into Moving Comfort's bra for larger breasted folks (I had to drop a cup size - and then, they've gone up a cup size, so now I wouldn't have had to...) - which is particularly awesome, because it's double layer which means it passes as a cami and I can stick my phone in it without it getting sweaty. (Hey, this is important. Running and streaming internet radio are made for each other.) Except that I accidently ordered the wrong band size so I have to get REI to exchange it. And pick up a couple more. I love these.

Oh, just as a data point, I often do have visible pecs (a bit less now, as I'm just getting back into the arm balance stuff post surgery) - and I'm a DDD cup. Yeah, on my frame? They have to be pretty darn substantial pecs.

* With the possible exception of Elomi's sports bra, which doesn't wick, so it isn't really a sports bra.

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