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April 2016



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good mris picmrissa wrote
on August 27th, 2012 at 02:59 pm

I do not exercise to lose fat. I need the fat I have. It keeps me menstruating and other important stuff. And yet I exercise every day! How could this be? Legions of journalists so confused. Well. There there, journalist dears. "Cardiovascular" is a big word, but dictionaries do know it. ("Strong" is not such a big word. The other words involved get complicated and personal.)

Seriously, Vickie's can bite me. They've done that thing to me, too, where they try to tell you that the band larger and the cup smaller is "really the same." I think this mostly works on people who have not been able to find their real size and think that band sizes don't go below 34 and cup sizes don't go above DD, so if it looks like they would be going one way or the other, they would have to get stuck with whatever. I am frustrated and sad that my solutions involve throwing money at the problem, though, because I know that lots of my friends do not have the money to throw. Cheap good bras in sizes not available at Target! That should be somebody's rallying cry somewhere.

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