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April 2016



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this lovely lady got the thickness. can I get a hell yeah?

Watching the media get science wrong again...

What this suggests to me, with a little simple math, is that the exercisers who did 60 minutes or more of moderate exercise (if they're burning 600 calories an hour, they ain't doing hard circuits or rock climbing) gained an average of 2.3 pounds of muscle, while the ones doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise gained an average of 1.1 pounds of muscle.

Which is... double the result.

I'd also be interested in hearing what their relative blood pressures and cholesterol counts were.

The health benefits of exercise are not chiefly about fat loss, no matter what fatophobic media would like us to think.

On a related note, I managed to chafe my cleavage with my run yesterday. I'm a big fan of Title Nine's Frog Bra (sadly, not currently available due to a spandex shortage, or something) but apparently 8.4 miles of rubbing against the edge of a heavy-duty compression bra was too much for my tender flesh.

There are special challenges in this world for large-breasted women. (I'm a 36F, and if I keep shrinking, likely to be a 34F or 34G by this time next year.) Coincidentally, there's an article on just this topic at Clutch today. I concur with the woman in comments who has nothing good to say about Victoria's Secret. I, too, have had the experience of having them shovel me into a bra with cups too small and a band too large. For those of you who are small-bosomed or have visible pectoral muscles rather than sacs of fat and mammary tissue up front, the band is the part that provides 90% of the support in a properly fitted bra.

Which just proves to me that Vickie's doesn't know shit about lingerie.

My go-to site for non-sports-bras has been, for years, Bravissimo. They have pretty bras that fit, which means not giving me quadriboob or major back pain or Morghul Bra Syndrome, where the underwire attempts to eat through to your heart and turn you into a brawraith.

Worth paying the shipping from the UK. Honestly. (Fig Leaves, the U.S. equivalent, does not seem to handle the upper end of the size ranges nearly as well.)

And they've been introducing sports bras.

Hmm. Well, it's royalty season. Maybe when my next check arrives, I'll look into replacing my beloved but apparently somewhat rough-seamed Frog Bras. (Seriously, I've had these things since 2001. I just retired one last year that dated from 1998 or so. They're that durable.)

Ave et vale, Frog Bra.


Not true. The number in the bra size is overbust. The cup is difference between the band size and overbust measurement. For a D cup, the difference between the two measurements should be six inches, so to have a 36F, you need a woman with a 36 inch bust and a 30 inch chest. That's *really* small, and I guarantee you it is not our hostess's measurements. Bras today are not made to match the sizing scheme, which is one reason bra shopping is so hopeless.
I have a friend who has the same overbust measurement as me--38". I'm a 36D. She's a 30I, I think. Yes, her ribcage is tiny. You don't realize it because normal clothes are baggy, but if you hug her, you really notice.
Here, have a vast amount of information about bra sizes!

I find that my feet may be either a 38 or 39 (or a 5 1/2, or a 6, or a US 7), and some clothes fit in size n while others might fit in size n+1, and I have never found that Adidas shoes or Top Shop jeans fit me at all, so it also doesn't surprise me that some of my bras are different sizes than others, and that some allegedly the same size don't fit at all.

And the only time I go around telling people that their clothes aren't the right size for them, is when my boyfriend has put on weight and hasn't noticed how bad his once-favourite shirt now looks.
Oh, the loss of once-favorite clothing to weight loss or gain is a great personal tragedy.

I have just retired a skirt and a pair of jeans. Alas!
When I ripped the backside out of not one but two pairs of working jeans last winter, and discovered that I could no longer fit into my second-favourite jeans, the only bright point was retrieving a once-favourite pair from storage.
IME, the people at the stores who know what they`re talking about and how to size say the band size (And one part of the link below) is based on the ribcage below the bust, not the bust itself. I`m surprised you`ve been told otherwise. I`m curious where you got this from. (Honestly so; if I`m getting wrong info, I`d like to know.)