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bear by san

March 2017



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this lovely lady got the thickness. can I get a hell yeah?

Watching the media get science wrong again...

What this suggests to me, with a little simple math, is that the exercisers who did 60 minutes or more of moderate exercise (if they're burning 600 calories an hour, they ain't doing hard circuits or rock climbing) gained an average of 2.3 pounds of muscle, while the ones doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise gained an average of 1.1 pounds of muscle.

Which is... double the result.

I'd also be interested in hearing what their relative blood pressures and cholesterol counts were.

The health benefits of exercise are not chiefly about fat loss, no matter what fatophobic media would like us to think.

On a related note, I managed to chafe my cleavage with my run yesterday. I'm a big fan of Title Nine's Frog Bra (sadly, not currently available due to a spandex shortage, or something) but apparently 8.4 miles of rubbing against the edge of a heavy-duty compression bra was too much for my tender flesh.

There are special challenges in this world for large-breasted women. (I'm a 36F, and if I keep shrinking, likely to be a 34F or 34G by this time next year.) Coincidentally, there's an article on just this topic at Clutch today. I concur with the woman in comments who has nothing good to say about Victoria's Secret. I, too, have had the experience of having them shovel me into a bra with cups too small and a band too large. For those of you who are small-bosomed or have visible pectoral muscles rather than sacs of fat and mammary tissue up front, the band is the part that provides 90% of the support in a properly fitted bra.

Which just proves to me that Vickie's doesn't know shit about lingerie.

My go-to site for non-sports-bras has been, for years, Bravissimo. They have pretty bras that fit, which means not giving me quadriboob or major back pain or Morghul Bra Syndrome, where the underwire attempts to eat through to your heart and turn you into a brawraith.

Worth paying the shipping from the UK. Honestly. (Fig Leaves, the U.S. equivalent, does not seem to handle the upper end of the size ranges nearly as well.)

And they've been introducing sports bras.

Hmm. Well, it's royalty season. Maybe when my next check arrives, I'll look into replacing my beloved but apparently somewhat rough-seamed Frog Bras. (Seriously, I've had these things since 2001. I just retired one last year that dated from 1998 or so. They're that durable.)

Ave et vale, Frog Bra.


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Hiya Bear. I ride my bike long distance and hopefully will run again someday. For the chaffing I recommend butt butter. It comes in individual packets and might also be called chamois butter, whatever. When applied to the chaffing places--seams--it makes a world of difference. My boobs and butt give butt butter a high five.
The rest of you go wash out your mouths.
Thank you, but I wasn't asking for advice.
I am a great fan of Bravissimo, and they have a shop about 5 minutes (uphill) walk from my home. They've always had sports bras, but they've just introduced their own brand one. Alas, it was temporarily unavailable because they'd discovered a bug in need of fixing.
Great fucking company. I wish they had US stores.

Maybe I'll do some in-person shopping at WFC next year.
Also - Lanacaine anti-chafing gel is good stuff.
Thank you, but I'm not in need of advice. Just noting a new phenomenon.
I've had little luck with compression bras, so it's been encapsulation all the way. Mostly Lunaire's sports bra (I am not a fan of underwire, but it fits better than anything else on the market*) though if I can get the sizing worked out I suspect one of Berlei's Shock Absorbers might do will for me.

The Enell bra also totally fails, which is too bad.

Oh, and I finally fit into Moving Comfort's bra for larger breasted folks (I had to drop a cup size - and then, they've gone up a cup size, so now I wouldn't have had to...) - which is particularly awesome, because it's double layer which means it passes as a cami and I can stick my phone in it without it getting sweaty. (Hey, this is important. Running and streaming internet radio are made for each other.) Except that I accidently ordered the wrong band size so I have to get REI to exchange it. And pick up a couple more. I love these.

Oh, just as a data point, I often do have visible pecs (a bit less now, as I'm just getting back into the arm balance stuff post surgery) - and I'm a DDD cup. Yeah, on my frame? They have to be pretty darn substantial pecs.

* With the possible exception of Elomi's sports bra, which doesn't wick, so it isn't really a sports bra.
Encapsulation bras never seem to work for me, by comparison.

Maybe I'll try some of the newer ones. It's bee na while.

I really just want my tits mashed around to the middle of my back where they won't get in my way, or jounce.
I do not exercise to lose fat. I need the fat I have. It keeps me menstruating and other important stuff. And yet I exercise every day! How could this be? Legions of journalists so confused. Well. There there, journalist dears. "Cardiovascular" is a big word, but dictionaries do know it. ("Strong" is not such a big word. The other words involved get complicated and personal.)

Seriously, Vickie's can bite me. They've done that thing to me, too, where they try to tell you that the band larger and the cup smaller is "really the same." I think this mostly works on people who have not been able to find their real size and think that band sizes don't go below 34 and cup sizes don't go above DD, so if it looks like they would be going one way or the other, they would have to get stuck with whatever. I am frustrated and sad that my solutions involve throwing money at the problem, though, because I know that lots of my friends do not have the money to throw. Cheap good bras in sizes not available at Target! That should be somebody's rallying cry somewhere.

Also, their bras kind of suck.

They do make good stockings, though.
Brastop, also in the UK, handles the larger end of the size range a bit better than Figleaves. They have a marginally larger sports bra selection than Bravissimo, should you experience trouble finding something that works out. I suggest this primarily because Brastop is prone to random sales, so a $60 bra often turns into $30.
Just a high five and a "big busted girls represent" to say that I used to order from Bravissimo, but post nursing found their bras just didn't quite do the trick anymore. Things shifted or something. Now I'm in battleship Wacoals I pick up at the local Nordstroms. They're not much to look at on their own (though they occasionally come in colors other than nude, white and black) but the first time I put one on it looked like I'd instantly lost 20 pounds because everything was held up together and not schlumping all over the place. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.
Oh yeah.

Also, a good bra helps you stand up straight because you're not knuckled under the weight of your tits. Our grandmothers were right: good posture helps!
Weirdly, I have exactly the opposite problem; I'm (after around 15 years of being borderline A/B) finally a solid B-cup by measurements, and have a terrible time finding bras that are actually small enough in the cup to be genuinely supportive. The few I've found that *are* are mostly labeled as A-cup, which is another one of those semi-mythical sizes, though admittedly a little easier to find than the extra-large end of things.

(Insert the usual rant here about women being diverse and things like bras and jeans needing more complicate sizing metrics. sigh.)
Uhm, hi. I have a similar problem -- even things that think they're A-cup are often a little roomy. If you don't mind my asking, where have you found bras that actually provide some semblance of support?

(Obviously this is less of an annoying problem than for large-chested folks -- lack of support doesn't give me back pain or anything, it's just annoying. And I'm sick of having to shop for bras in the preteen sections.)
Wow, that article is *spectacularly* bad. Muscle mass? Who the hell needs that? Certainly not athletes, that's for sure!

I would also like to say for the record that I really appreciate that losing weight for you does not involve spouting fatphobic shit, because it sure does for so many people.
I have a Bravissimo sports bar, which I got to do Zumba, having discovered it was impossible to do the exercises in a normal bra. The Bravissimo one is great!
If you don't want to wait until next WFC, check out Secrets From Your Sister (secretsfromyoursister.com) in Toronto when you're there for this year's WFC. I'm on the larger side of things and found that they have great staff and selection of *pretty* larger cupped bras.

I haven't been in a while so I'm not sure what their sports bra selection is like these days but I can vouch for them not selling you a bra that is the wrong size ( a la Victoria's Secret or LaSenza) because that is all they have.
Hot tip. Thank you.
Brawraith. That is HILARIOUS. XD
this was just too funny

with love, 38/40 D/DD
I feel your bra pain. Even after my breast reduction (36 F to 36DD) I still have bra issues. FYI to anyone who horseback rides: underwire is not your friend on a horse. I got bruised ribs from it when I fell off.
Oh wow, never thought of that. I didn't have big enough boobs to care last time I rode a horse regularly but I sure do now. Noted.
If I'm looking at the numbers right, it's 0.9 lbs of muscle for the moderate group (8.8 - 7.9), vs 2.3 lbs for the 600 kcal group. So the group that works out twice as long actually gains more than twice as much muscle. Interesting.
So I tried to view the actual paper... Click through, and?

"Full Text (PDF) Free to you"
click the link...
"Pay per Article - You may access this article (from the computer you are currently using) for 1 day for US$20.00."
Has anyone pointed you toward http://bustygirlcomics.com/ yet? It's a cute comic about the joys and annoyances of being busty. Like this one, which is apropos to this post: http://bustygirlcomics.com/post/30039233779/speechless
Ah -- support.

For all the horror stories told, full-figured women often find corsets more comfortable because they have a lot more stuff doing the support side of things.
True ... except when exercising. I did in fact fence in a corset for a time, and the difference in when I started panting was palpable.
I used to get really jealous of busty women (because, pretty!) until I got to listen in on a few conversations like this. I have a friend who's like a 32 EE or something similar-tiny, slender, frail little thing, enormous tits. I could sell a couple of her bras and pay my rent.

That shit cleared up my jealousy right away. Me and my comfortable 34A will be over here, paying $10 a piece and not having crippling back pain.

Which is not to say I stopped appreciating the pretty, I just have a better understanding of the downsides now.
I personally think smaller breasts are prettier (perkier! more shapely! often with adorable little aereolae!), and I swear, I would give ANYTHING to be a B-cup again.

Especially when I'm running down a hill, or doing jumping jacks. Or wearing a bra on a 105-degree humid day.

The grass is always greener. ;-)
I read the best bra-fitting method on Reddit, of all places, and was blown away. Turns out I'd been wearing the wrong size for years, and indeed it's very difficult to find a 38G-H but definitely worth it. This method involves getting nekkid, bending your torso parallel to the floor, and measuring thusly, instead of standing straight up. It gave me a much more accurate measurement, and I've never been so comfy.
Link? I'm curious and a bit baffled on how that would work.
Vicki's has no clue about sizing for small-boobed women, either. But the salesperson tried to convince me I should wear a too-small band and a too-large cup. *eyeroll*

I do, however, get pretty good fit from the juniors and girls sections of Target, so take that, Vicki's! At a third the price!

I have so much envy. ;-)
Bras. Grrr. I realize this is a temporary problem, but my size fluctuations over the past two years--gaining, losing, gaining, pregnant, not pregnant, gaining, pregnant, and now both losing weight AND breastfeeding, well, pfft. I am now apparently per the hippie baby store a 34H. I can't fit in any of my shirts and the bras I bought pre-milk rush just don't work. I am glad this is temporary (for however long I breastfeed) but Lordy be. 34h. No good supportive nursing bra, no work appropriate tops that will not have to be altered. H. My frame was not built for H. I have to go tomorrow, in fact, to try buy a couple of new ones that will PLEASE GODS work for work next week.


Whew. Glad to get that off of my, erm, chest. Ha!
OMG. I am so going to look at Bravissimo. I followed your recommendation to Title Nine years ago (helped by discovering they have a store locally) and now, well...the wardrobe...uh, we did have that monster once-a-year warehouse sale in PDX a couple of years ago, and, well, uh....stuff followed me home.

At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Seriously, thanks for the recommendation because it's made a world of difference in bra fit for me.

Needless to say, Title Nine worked, so I am so looking forward to surfing over to Bravissimo. I miss pretty bras (and have never been able to wear anything from Victoria's Secret bra-wise. For a few years the catalog had clothes that worked. Then they didn't).
Thanks for sharing that— I’m sure my wife will find that handy!
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