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bear by san

February 2017



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criminal minds prentiss deed's sake tenn

can you help me occupy my brain.

You put your demons there.


P.S.: Every time I look at a climbing wall, I think of two people, you and another dear friend out on this coast; she often refers to climbing as a metaphor for life.

I'll try one one of these days... when I'm better toned and a bit less, er, massive. Wouldn't do to bend or break the wall... (Great, another Chuck Jones visual. Sigh.)
FWIW, I was 250 lbs when I started. It took me three weeks to get up my first climb, but I did it.

And now I am always amazed at how light and agile I am.
My thanks for the morale support!

It's a matter of scale, I guess. I weighed myself, recently, so I wouldn't have to endure my doc's assistants entering my fully-clad weight as actual weight on the way in. I wear about 20# of clothes in casual summer mode (engineers' boots, heh).

I started going to the gym again this June and have been at it two or three visits a week, toning and adding muscle and slooooooowly converting that lovely 'round-the-internal-organs fat storage. Thus, I am -slowly- getting more in the strength, flexibility and stamina departments. I also have -as so often happens- temporarily gotten heavier (muscle being heavier than goo).

I'm 325# stark. =sigh= I'm told I can pull it off, being 6'3" and wide of shoulder, but I still wanna have what Glen Larsen once called a deer gut gonegonegone.

I view this philosophicly. I am in far better health than when I was 185# at this height. While I may pause and check to see if what I'm about to step onto is adequately structured, I also know I can move a lot of heavy things just by leaning on 'em...
*nod* I was 290 at my heaviest and while it was not good for me (my knees hurt so much less now) I was always very strong.

I did once bend the frame on a futon, though. Ahem.

I'm sure it was metal fatigue.

(I'm 5'8", so the scale was about the same--but with climbing, weight *does* count.)

When you're ready to start, I will give you a piece of advice my 5'1" 120 lb climbing partner did not know to give me: start on the slab wall, which is... basically a very steep slope. MUCH easier for us big folks than an overhung or even vertical wall.
Thanks, again. Will remember that adive.