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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu sleeps on planes

i'm so damned cold and if this blood won't turn to gold--

Lots going on over at Wordpress--self-actualization; tea blogging, Hurricane Sandy; kayaking; a stuffed cabbage casserole recipe; METAtropolis 3; a recipe for a cocktail my boyfriend invented in this little book he wrote except he made up all the ingredients so I had to fake it; and so on.


Stay safe--insomuch as one can in the face of dire weather!
Back atcha! I'm pretty far inland: I think I'll live. ;-)
Huh, I just picked up a cabbage, and I can use what I don't use in casserole for okonomiyaki.

Of course, assuming Sandy + cold front doesn't leave me without a fridge and stove.
ooo. I've never had okonomiyaki. But it looks awesome, and anything with "nom" and "yaki" in the name must be good.
It's nice, in that it's as easy as pancakes*, but a lot more substantial.

(I tried your recipe for dinner tonight, and it was pretty tasty. Which is good, because it's now lunch until the leftovers are gone.)

* Of course, it took me forever to learn pancakes because I didn't ask someone to show me how to tell when they were ready to be turned. It's harder to figure these things out by trial and error.
Indeed. ;-)

(and yay tasty!)
I subscribed to the RSS feed for your wordpress blog. I wish it gave full text of your posts rather than just excerpts. If that was by choice, I apologize for whining about it. If it's by default and you'd like to change it, the setting is under Settings->Reading->"For each article in a feed, show".
It's by choice, but thanks for letting me know. Sorry about the inconvenience--but so many damned aggregators pick up my blog, and if I correct something, they don't edit.
Ah, bummer. I shall continue to click through.
thank you!
In looking at your cabbage recipe, I noticed your comments on paprika. My mother was once told by a lady from Szeged that paprika was flour made from red peppers. I've always thought that was an instructive approach. My beef gulyás recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of the stuff. Not teaspoons. Tablespoons.
just so.