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bear by san

February 2017



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writing whiskey devil

hold me closer tiny dancer...

I have found a use for Pinterest! It turns out it's a good place to organize all the recipes I've bookmarked over the years so I might actually use them.

In other news, via batwrangler, a very nifty video on the training of the Budweiser Clydesdales... who mostly do their own stunts.

"Chris" is obviously one of the stars. ;-)


I've also discovered pinterest is great for organizing recipes. I look forward to your ongoing food pins.
I want to better organize my recipes on pinterest too. I was doing it on delicious, but it got overwhelming. Still I'm totally overwhelmed by doing it on pinterest too, heh. I desperately need to get them organized though!
PONIES! I love that look they give, like, "Why is you throwin' food on us? OOO FOOD!"
Man, watching a draft horse hurdle is always amazing. O_O

Okay. I might actually have to go back to Pinterest just so I can collect the recipes I have strewn about in corners and useless spots.
I love the clip of the racetrack, where you get reminded of just how BIG a Clydesdale is.

And the neck on them. And the floofy fetlocks!
Yes. Big, strong horses. Please do not ask me to run at a racing pace.

I feel a kinship with them. ;-)
I have indeed noticed your floofy fetlocks. :-)
I do love me some Clydes. Just shows you what love and patience can accomplish. Who'da thunk you could train a sheep?
I'm seriously impressed by those horses. Who would have thought something so big and solid could jump like that? They do look like they were having fun though.