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bear by san

February 2017



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you want a revelation

So I help organize a convention in Minneapolis every June. It's called 4th Street Fantasy.

It's an awesome, small, intimate, and very nerdy place to talk about books a lot, and it's my favorite convention of all the conventions there are.

I'd love it if you'd consider coming, but registration caps around 230, so... you probably need to decide.


What we've done is split off a writer's seminar, which takes place before the con proper.

I tend to think there's a lot of discussion of both writing and reading throughout the convention, however. Not all attendees are writers; not all conversations are going to be about writing.

However, we do really focus on the idea of the *conversation*, and the ethos that everybody in attendance has things to add to it. So I would hesitate to call it "just another fan convention." I think we're a bit more socialized than most.
Yeah. Being antisocial as I am, though, there isn't much that appeals to me in that kind of format. I like the structure of having teachers and students.
You might or might not like the writer's seminar. It's a series of interviews and panels on aspects of writing science fiction.
I was at the writer's seminar the first year you held it.

You will never not forget who I am, will you? :)
I know exactly who you are. But I don't presume to have any knowledge of your response to the seminar.