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bear by san

February 2017



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you want a revelation

So I help organize a convention in Minneapolis every June. It's called 4th Street Fantasy.

It's an awesome, small, intimate, and very nerdy place to talk about books a lot, and it's my favorite convention of all the conventions there are.

I'd love it if you'd consider coming, but registration caps around 230, so... you probably need to decide.


It's a con I'd love to go to, but that pesky Atlantic...
I didn't know you were helping organize 4th Street, Bear. Maybe you can tell me if the focus has shifted any. When the con reappeared it was very much a discussion about the craft of writing. A few years after that it had become just another fan convention. There are plenty of conventions about being book fans, but I would love to find a convention that focused on craft.

I know that Steven doesn't see a difference, but I disagree with him. I can contribute to a discussion about craft; I cannot contribute to discussions about books that I haven't read (which, judging from past years, is about 90% of the books mentioned at the con.)
What we've done is split off a writer's seminar, which takes place before the con proper.

I tend to think there's a lot of discussion of both writing and reading throughout the convention, however. Not all attendees are writers; not all conversations are going to be about writing.

However, we do really focus on the idea of the *conversation*, and the ethos that everybody in attendance has things to add to it. So I would hesitate to call it "just another fan convention." I think we're a bit more socialized than most.
Yeah. Being antisocial as I am, though, there isn't much that appeals to me in that kind of format. I like the structure of having teachers and students.
You might or might not like the writer's seminar. It's a series of interviews and panels on aspects of writing science fiction.
I was at the writer's seminar the first year you held it.

You will never not forget who I am, will you? :)
I know exactly who you are. But I don't presume to have any knowledge of your response to the seminar.
Ooo. It is that time of year!

...during which awesome cons open registration, but I don't yet know at all what I'll be doing that far in advance, or what finances will be like. Argh! But I will keep an eye on registration. I certainly want to go; I had such a marvelous time last year.
I want to go, and have for years.

Must contemplate the options...
I plan to be there, probably with charming spouse and other friends. Really looking forward to is, since it's my only con (don't much like crowds . . . ).
I'd really like to go to Fourth Street some time, but I am pretty sure this is not going to be my year for doing anything that requires lots of preplanning!
It sounds lovely - but I'd need a teleporter. *sigh*
We'd adore having you. But yeah.
Thanks for the heads-up!
Literally planning my summer vacation around it! My wife & I are planning on buying each other con registrations for Christmas.