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bear by san

March 2017



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Nice to know that CM has the same rosy view of publishing that all Hollywood seems to. ;-)

Also, I usually really like Virgil Williams' work, but I am dissapoint that, in what seems to me a very un-Criminal-Minds-ish element, the prostitutes in "The Apprentice" were treated as disposable, while the nice girl with a job in a pet store got rescued. And none of the women demonstrated the kind of agency I'm used to seeing in the show.

This season is not standing out for me, so far. The gore level seems to be higher, and the humaneness/agency seems to be lacking.



And OH MY BOB "Wheels on the Bus" is **not** a CM episode. Not.

Plus the 'Garcia hands you the unsubs, and then hands you the crime scene' thing is happening WAY too often. Even on top of the show glamourizing the HECK out of the unsubs and providing not really any logical psychological scenario involved other than someone in the writer's room hypothetically saying, "Hey, it'd be cool if we ...."
It's like they sort of wanted it to be related to Legacy, but just... dove off the deep end. This was a perfect storm of CM's recurring and still surprising technophobia, the formerly occasional victims-without-sympathy-or-agency, and the season's penchant for fantasyland unsubs who apparently need NEW and MORE HORRIFYING flair rather than pathos and differentials that have a passing acquaintanceship with reality.

This is hurting in the same way Season Six hurt, in that it's episode after episode of writing that seems to miss this point of CM entirely.
It's Saw by way of MMORPG paranoia. And they consistently cut character beats (and psychological setup that, like, could MOTIVATE the crime) to spend more time lovingly lingering on the violent parts.